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Tracy Talk

Posted Sep 27 2011 6:52pm

Since embarking on my Metamorphosis journey with Tracy Anderson last month, I’ve gotten lots of questions about it.

Do I like it?

Am I seeing results?

Is it worth the price?

So, I thought today would be a good day for a little “Tracy Talk.” :D

To get started, let’s talk price. Tracy’s Metamorphosis series begins as a 3-month system (90 days of workouts), that can be broken into payments of $29.99 a month, plus a one-time shipping fee. Pretty reasonable, if you’re comparing it to a gym membership. Especially if you’re comparing it to a membership at Tracy’s studio –> you have to contact the studio directly for the rates, which I did. Holy cow.

Is it worth the price? Well, that depends. Are you self-motivated and very disciplined? If you’re the type of person who can commit to doing the same cardio workout 6 days a week, for 90 days, and know that you will dedicate yourself to an hour of exercise at home each day, then I’m pretty sure you’ll benefit from this workout. How could you not?

However, if self-discipline is something you struggle with, I’m not sure that Tracy is the best motivator out there. She gives very little direction or guidance in the actual videos, and very little explanation of WHY her system works–> so you have to be proactive and create your own motivating playlists to keep things interesting! (Making my own playlists has saved me from boring cardio sessions!)

Personally, self-motivation is something I still struggle with in the exercise-department. Especially when I’m already skeptical of Tracy Anderson and the science behind her method. In fact, I was so curious about how she came up with her unusual method and diet theory, I picked up her book for more information:

It was a quick read–> I finished the whole thing in a single afternoon! It helps that a majority of those pages are dedicated to Tracy’s Muscular Structure moves, with detailed photos of each movement prescribed for the 30 Day “boot camp.”

What I found the most interesting, though, was Tracy’s description of how she tested her method. She worked with 150 women over a number of years, and claims that only the women who followed ALL aspects of her system (dance cardio + muscular structure + diet) got the desired “dancer body” results. She broke these women up into controlled groups, and the groups that didn’t follow all three aspects of her program didn’t achieve the same desired results. (though, I don’t remember her being incredibly specific about the other groups… and over time, many women dropped out, which makes it hard to evaluate) After working with all these women, Tracy’s confident that she can change ALL body types with her method.

Part of what Tracy says makes sense to me– she mentions that if you want the body of a runner, you should run; if you want the body of a gymnast, you should do gymnastics; and if you want the body of a dancer, you should dance! However, I think it should be noted that Tracy’s version of dance cardio is VERY high-impact, and could be an issue for those carrying much excess weight or for those with joint pain. It’s ALL jumping, with no breaks. She believes in continuous movement, and sweating as much as possible. I definitely agree that the more you sweat, the better… I’m just not totally convinced that you HAVE to dance in order to see results. 

Which brings me to the aspect of Tracy’s method I like the least–> her “my way or the highway” approach. (she literally uses that phrase in her book) I’ve already mentioned that I don’t like Tracy’s diet because she has a one-size-fits-all approach to portion size, and her calorie suggestions are dangerously low. However, since I’m trained in nutrition, I have no problem ignoring her suggestions and doing my own thing.

Tracy also doesn’t want you to do ANY other form of exercise while doing her program, as it may conflict with the way she’s designing your body.

I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me I can’t do something, that’s ALL I want to do!! I’m rebellious like that. While committing to the Metamorphosis series, there were so many mornings where I just wanted to wake up and go for a run instead of bouncing around my living room to the same, old cardio DVD. But I didn’t. I stuck to the program.

Well, I stuck to the program until the wedding last weekend , that is.

With all the early-morning primping, and late-night partying, Tracy Anderson took a nose-dive on my priority list.

And unfortunately, she stayed there all last week.

So, as far as results go… keep in mind that I only have 18 days under my belt. Not a ton of time, but enough to see some results. And while I did feel really great after each workout, I can’t say that I noticed that much of a difference. My body has a “set-point” that it naturally settles into when I’m traveling and not exercising as much, and typically, when I start working out consistently again, I notice results right away. Not so much with this style of working out. I felt fairly fit after the first week, but I didn’t see any new muscle definition, nor did I notice much fat loss, if any. I would say I was actually more impressed with my results back when I was consistently doing Physique 57 and jogging regularly! (two things I’ve actually missed since doing ONLY Tracy’s method…)

To top it all off, I went on a 5-mile hike this weekend– a hike I’ve done dozens of times in the past– and found myself barely able to walk afterward!! After performing dance cardio exclusively for a few weeks, my muscles weren’t accustomed to walking like that anymore! I was actually limping yesterday.

Hiking = socialization for me, so I’m not giving it up. Sorry, Tracy.

Which brings me to the point I’m at today.

Today, I feel like jogging on my treadmill (while watching Alias!!) and doing a Physique 57 DVD . Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like doing one of Tracy’s workout DVDs. Goodness knows, I’ve fallen in love with her rebounder workout , and that’s going to continue to be a regular cardio routine for me! Perhaps I’ll even feel like jumping back into the Metamorphosis program again in the near future, but for now, I’d rather do my own mix of cardio + strength + diet. If you’re consistent with those three aspects, I’m pretty sure you’ll see results, regardless of which DVDs you choose to follow.

As Tracy mentions in her book, there is no “fairy dust” out there that will magically motivate you, or do the exercise for you. I think it’s ultimately up to each of us to figure out which workout we love, because that’s the workout we will consistently do!

Reader Feedback: Have you ever tried Tracy’s workouts? What kind of workouts do you love?

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