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Track Party Tuesday minus the track!

Posted Jan 30 2013 12:19am
After a glorious day of rest yesterday, today was the start of a brand new running week.  I don't exactly have a strict schedule I'm following at the moment, other than I'm trying to get my 3 weekday runs done (some of them speed workouts) and at least one long run on the weekend (I gotta say, I'm finding it really hard to let go of that Saturday/Sunday long run combo!)

My Beast Coach, Solana, has always talked about her Track Party Tuesdays and how much she enjoys getting out to the track with good friends for a hard workout.  I would soooo love to join them but alas, I live about 30 mins away from Solana and I also have two toddlers and a husband who travels quite a bit for work throughout the week so weeknight get togethers are tough.

The Beast gave me a new speed workout for today and even though I'm sure it was way different than what she was doing at her track party, I had to just pretend it was my own Track Party Tuesday minus the track, substitute a treadmill and all by myself so it really wasn't much of a party.

The workout she gave me was a sort of pyramid kinda thing with times intervals of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then 2, 3, 4 and 5 mins.  The details were like this...
  • Run 5 mins starting at 6.0 mph, increasing by 0.2 mph every 30 seconds
    • Walk 5 mins
  • Run 4 mins starting at 6.6 mph, increasing by 0.2 mph every 30 seconds
    • Walk 4 mins
  • Run 3 mins starting at 6.8 mph, increasing by 0.2 mph every 30 seconds
    • Walk 3 mins
  • Run 2 mins starting at 7.0 mph, increasing by 0.2 mph every 30 seconds
    • Walk 2 mins
  • Run 1 min at 7.5 mph
    • Walk 1 min
  • Run 1 min at 8.0 mph
    • Walk 1 min
  • Work my way back up through 2, 3, 4 and 5 mins again but starting each interval at 7.0 mph, increasing by 0.2 mph every 30 seconds
Total time: about 55 mins

So how did it go?

It was dang hard!  I could tell by the time I finished the first 3 minute interval that running for multiples of minutes at high speeds (for me) was so much harder than doing the 1 minute interval workouts I ran all last week.  Which is pretty obvious but it really surprised me just how much harder it was!  Ha ha.

As I worked my way down through the sets I was really beginning to dread working back up through the 3, 4 and 5 minute intervals at the end of this workout.  If they were tough the first time, they were going to feel next to impossible the second time around and after doing intervals of speedwork!

And I was right.  The second 3 minute interval felt really hard.  For the 4 minute interval I tried to do it exactly as prescribed but I had to hold the speed for 1 minute intervals at some point because the frequent increases were just a bit too tough for my tired legs.  Same thing on the last 5 minute interval - instead of increasing the speed every 30 second, I increase it after a minute for the last 3 mins of the set.

I was dead by the time I was done which I suppose is maybe a good thing when it comes to speed work?  I was kind of disappointed in myself that I had to modify those last two intervals but I figured it was better to increase less frequently than to increase and find myself needing to take a break in the middle of the set or something.

Regardless, it was one tough speed workout, not at the track and definitely not a party, but it was Tuesday at least.  For tomorrow I'm planning to do just a regular old run (might regular running feel kind of boring after all these go-getter speed sessions?) somewhere in the 5-10km range.  If I can swing it, I might even try to get down to Run Club.  It's been positively ages since I've done a Wednesday night with the group.

So the beast training continues but I have to say I'm a bit nervous now that I've let you all in on our little  experiment.  Its always more real and a helluva lot more scary when other people know what you have in mind.  What if I don't make it and don't get a PR at First Half?  It could easily go either way - its not like I have been speed training for months, this was really just a quick and dirty experiment and while it'll be fun to see if it actually makes any difference, I think I'll feel a bit silly if I land nowhere close.

Oh well.  Maybe that will all be part of my getting used to being uncomfortable...  
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