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Toshiba Satellite T130 Battery and Adapter Details

Posted Jun 24 2013 8:38am

The  Toshiba Satellite T130 battery  is composed of six lithium cells which are rechargeable. It is specially meant for the Toshiba Satellite T130 laptop hence you are advised not to use it to power any other laptop. It is able to sustain its charge for up to four hours hence you can use your laptop for long without necessarily having to plug it into external power. It has an output voltage of 10.8 Volts and provides your Toshiba Notebook with a power of 48 Wh. This power is able to run most computer applications efficiently.


There are a variety of factors which determine the lifespan of your battery for Toshiba Satellite T130. On average, the battery should serve you for 3 to 5 years before failing. You can maximize its life by following a couple of dos and don'ts. First of all you should always ensure that you close all the applications which are not in use. Running many applications at once means higher processor clock speed hence higher charge consumption on your  battery for Toshiba Satellite T130. This generally reduces your battery life due to the repeated charging and discharging.


Always ensure your laptop is set to power saving mode when using your Toshiba Satellite T130 battery. This model minimizes the brightness of your screen and closes any idle applications. It also reduces the clock speed of the processor hence consuming low power. Low power consumption means a longer battery life due to reduced cases of recharging. When running heavy applications on your laptop plug in your Toshiba adapter and remove the battery. The adapter has a higher voltage output of 19 Volts and a capacity of 75 Watts. This high power output means better performance when running the heavy applications which demand a high processor speed. You can relieve your battery from the trouble of running such programs.


Avoid overcharging your  Toshiba battery. Once you plug in your computer to an external power source using your Toshiba adapter, the battery starts to charge automatically. The adapter also runs the activities of the laptop during charging. When the battery meter indicates full, either unplug the adapter or remove the battery to prevent it from continuously charging. This saves your battery from damaging hence a longer life.


On occasions when you are planning not to use your Toshiba Satellite T130 battery for long, ensure you store it in a warm and dry place away from direct heat and metallic objects. Heat continuously discharges the battery and reduces its performance. Ensure the battery is charged to more than 50% before storing it. This is because lithium ion batteries usually discharge with time even when not in use.


You should make a point of exercising your battery for Toshiba Satellite T130 from time to time. This is done by discharging it below 10% by running it on your Toshiba Notebook and recharging it fully to 100%. Exercising can be done three times every week. You should also ensure you unplug your  Toshiba Satellite T130 adapter  from the main power supply when not using it to protect it from power surges. Using a power surge protector is equally important.


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