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Top Tips for Running With Your Dog, From a Dog!

Posted Jul 11 2011 3:00pm

Hi guys! Guess who!

mosely cute puppy pre run

Mom and Dad are busy trying to find a big house with a huge yard for me to play in so I thought I would pop by to say hello and share a few more tips for running with your dog. Mom did a pretty good job with her post , however, she neglected to cover a few important issues. Here goes!

Mosely’s Top Tips for Running with Your Dog

#1 Use a short leash

My short, black leash is great for reminding me that the best running buddies run beside their partners and not in front of them. Mom also likes not having to wrap a long leash around her hand because she’s gotten a few nasty blisters that way.

#2 Try a few different pre run food/meal strategies

When Mom used to make me wait until mid morning to go running, I would eat my usual breakfast, lie around for 2 to 3 hours, and then head out. It worked okay until one day I threw up. Not fun. So we tried a few different eating options and have found that I do best running on an empty stomach. Every dog is different so try a variety of strategies to see which works best!

Mosely cute puppy happy drool post run smile

#3 Run a short loop

Mom was right when she said that we pups need to build up our running mileage just like people do . One great way to see how a dog will do during his first few weeks of running is to find a short loop of 0.5 to 1.0 miles and run around it several times. That way if your pup needs to rest or get a drink of water, you can easily drop them off at home and continue along by yourself. 

tips for running with your dog

Geeze Mom, sweat much? ;)

#4 Bring poop bags

Seriously Mom, how could you forget this tip? Running gets my body moving in more ways than one so Mom always stashes at least 2 poop bags in her sports bra. When we ran along the Lake Shore path it was easy to drop full bags into trash cans along the way.

Chicago Lake Michigan Lake Shore Path South

Lately, we’ve been running along the C&O canal where there aren’t very many trash cans. Therefore, Mom walks me around a bit beforehand so I that can do my business and she doesn’t have to carry my poop along with her!

#5 Puddles are a running pups best friend

With our fur coats, we pups can get pretty hot out in the summer heat. Therefore, whenever I see a puddle, I beeline right for it because it cools my paws and nose and allows me to drink a few licks of water. As long as a puddle is far enough from any source of pesticides, gasoline, or other chemicals, let your pup have at it!

Mosely wet dog puppy post run in puddles

#6 Don’t forget to encourage your dog

We pups love to hear encouragement from our running buddies because it shows us that we’re doing something great. I love it when Mom tells me what a good boy I’m being and she always gives me a big hug and kiss when we’re done. It makes my day!


I hope that my tips will help you and you and your dog get up and out the door for a run together in the very near future. It makes me and my Mom so happy to be able to run together.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go chew on my Uncle Ted’s ear.

Mosely and Teddy Puppy Love dogs

I would love to hear from you…

Have you ever run with a dog before?

Who is your favorite running/walking buddy?

Do you have any tips that we neglected to share?

P.S. Mom wanted me to tell you that although she may not be able to respond to all comments this week, she always reads and appreciates each one!

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