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Top Things We'd Rather Spend Our Hard Earned Money On Than Health Supplements

Posted Mar 15 2009 4:10pm

Why is it that we will, at the drop of a hat, spend money on all kinds of junk we don't need, some of which we even put into our own body. Most of it serves no real purpose other than to satisfy our external desires.

Really feeling good comes from being healthy, and we need to pay more attention to what we put into our bodies. This will help us lose weight, avoid illness and above all, feel healthy.

When trying to enlighten people on the benefits of eating healthy and taking high quality supplements I always hear the same excuse over and over again, "but eating healthy is too expensive and I can't afford it."

What? I watch these same people go out and buy all kinds of crap they don't need like the latest designer clothes, their thirtieth pair of shoes, plasma tv's, their brand new car, the latest golf club, a bigger boat, or the latest craze or gimmick to be seen all over the television.

Most people even take better care of their car than their own bodies. That is kind of sad if you think about it.

I saw a very obese guy at my mechanic's garage the other day bragging, "I only use the best gas, always keep up on routine maintenance, and I always keep my truck (a very nice one, by the way) in the garage. That way it will last forever, and run like a champion."

Have you ever tried to define irony? This guy's truck is going to outlive him. I sure hope he gets all of the fast food and junk he eats into his mouth and not on the nice leather seats!

Honestly, what happened to the way people think, spend money, and the priorities in their lives? Why are many people's lives so abundant in many external areas, but when it comes to health, they have nothing to show for it.

For you to really feel good about yourself you need to feel good on the inside and that only comes from your body being healthy. Once you are healthy, go ahead and spend money on whatever external things you want. You will feel better about buying them and will be able to enjoy them more when you are healthy.

You will find that even cutting out junk food will give you the money you need to afford high quality supplements and organic food. I can't tell you the difference this practice has made in my life.

I used to spend money on all kinds of stuff I did not need: pizza, candy bars, chocolate, fast food, cookies, soda, sweets, coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes. What overall good was all of that stuff doing for me? Nothing. I was eating with my mouth and brain and not my body. That stuff tastes great and creates a happy chemical response in my brain right away, but it made me feel awful about twenty minutes after I ate it. Not to mention it made me fat.

Since I changed my spending habits to include more healthier choices I have noticed a huge increase in my weight, how I feel and my overall health. I have had more energy in the last two years than I have had at any point in my life. And I know it is because I took control of my health.

I am not saying to never indulge and enjoy junk food from time to time, but imagine how much healthier you would be and how much better you would look if you could buy foods are healthy for you instead?

Yes it is hard to do away with some material desires, but the rewards are amazing if you can shift some of your spending habits to benefit yourself instead of your outer image.

To Your Health,

Diet Health & Fitness
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