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Top Five & Exercise Drive

Posted Sep 28 2011 8:39pm

Hello, my ducklings! Hmm. Not so sure that one works but I’m gonna roll with it. :-P

Anywho, this morning, I debated having this for breakfast:

I’ve been wanting to try this new-to-me CLIF Mojo bar  ever since I saw it pop up on Katie ‘s blog. But instead, my body told me to have said orange along with this:

So, the body got just what it ordered!

After breakfast, I went to my (only!) class until 10:30, came back here and finished up an article I’ve been working on for my News Writing course. It felt so good to finally get ‘er done.


Lunch was a repeat of yesterday’s Indian-inspired salad creation. Please make this. Then, lick the bowl clean like I did. ;-)


More work ensued until I figured I should peel my eyes off of the laptop screen and give myself a good workout. I’m usually game for a workout every day. I simply love working out. I can’t get enough of how strong and capable it makes me feel. Today, my friends, was a different story. I wasn’t sore or tired. I just didn’t feel like working out.

So, I went into my vault of exercise mantras (this vault exists in my head, FYI) and pulled this one out:  ”You’ve never regretted a workout.” And it’s true, I haven’t. Needless to say, the mantra won. It does every time. This is what I use to get out of my own head and into workout mode. Try it the next time you’re feeling yourself slump into lazy mode!

I hightailed it to the gym and completed 15 minutes on the elliptical’s interval setting at level 5 followed by last week’s killer total body workout …all in mismatched gym attire.

*Sidenote: Julie did a wonderful post earlier this year on exercise mantras. Definitely check it out. They are all so great!


When dinner time came around, I was craving something I didn’t have: baked tofu. So, I grabbed my $25 Trader Joe’s gift card (thanks Daddy!) and drove up the street to get some. Side note: When I say Trader Joe’s, I think of the Ranger Joe theme song from Full House.

Ranger Joe, Ranger Joe, you're the greatest guy I know! Ranger Joe!

After a quick grocery shop, I went over to my friend Kristin’s apartment to eat dinner while watching Sara Bareilles co-hosting the Today Show (Kristin has DVR’d it). I enjoyed Trader Joe’s baked teriyaki tofu alongside a salad of chopped green cabbage, red cabbage, celery, jicama, broccoli, and carrots topped with Trader Joe’s Asian Peanut Dressing. I went back for seconds on the salad. Shocker, I know. ;-)

 Top Fives

Recently, both Chelsey and Cait featured this survey on their blogs and being the survey junky that I am, I wanted to get in on the game!

Last 5 People I Talked to on the Phone:

1.) Matty
2.) Dad
3.) Sherri
4.) Dad
5.) Matty

(I’m a little distraught over how Mom did not make this list! Sorry Mom, I love you. Hehe.)

Last 5 Meals I Ate:

1.) Baked teriyaki tofu & chopped salad with Asian peanut dressing
2.) Indian-inspired salad & 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread dipped in organic ketchup
3.) An orange & Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes with coconut milk
4.) Maple-cajun sweet potatoes, carrot tzsimmes, big salad (Thanks Whole Foods!)
5.) Indian-inspired salad 

Last 5 Places I’ve Traveled:

1.) Amherst, MA
2.) Stockbridge, MA
3.) Washington (state)
4.) Florida
5.) Idaho

The last two states were visited at ages 16 and 13 respectively. I need to get out more, eh? ;-)

Next 5 Places I Will Go:

1.) Advising appointment
2.) Class
3.) Gym for spinning class
4.) Dorm room
5.) Class

Last 5 Workouts:

1.) Total Body Workout 
2.) Spinning
3.) Butts & Gutts / Circuit Training
4.)  Total Body Workout
5.) Spinning

5 Things that Make me Happy Right Now:

1.) Blogging
2.) Singing
3.) Matty
4.) All things pumpkin
5.) Watching Sara Bareilles with Kristin later!

Hope you had a fabulous Wednesday!

Stay lovely,

Question of the Day: Do you care about your gym attire?
I just make sure I’m a.) comfortable and b.) feeling confident in what I wear. Clearly, for me, that does not involve matching. ;-)

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