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Top Fitness Apps for Those On The Go

Posted Apr 12 2012 6:25am

Good morning! As you know, I am a gadget freak. You will rarely see me without my iPhone. Seriously. While I currently have an iPhone, I did have an Android phone for a while and loved it. Both are great phones with tons of apps available – many of them FREE. Today I am excited to bring you a guest post that merges my love for gadgets and my goal to get in shape. Enjoy!

Source: via Tammy on Pinterest

Your smartphone might be the only equipment you need to get in shape

Finding time to get in shape seems tough; but if you can keep yourself focused, organized, and motivated, it’s amazing how time finds itself. Here are some apps to turn your smartphone into a personal trainer so you can take charge of your fitness goals and power through the slumps.

1. Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal (Android, iPhone)
If you only pick up one of our recommendations, this is the one. You can enter your latest meal into a database with over 1,100,000 entries to keep track of your calories, cholesterol, fat, sugar, protein, etc.; you can also scan barcodes of most food items to have their nutrition facts added automatically. It provides 350 customizable exercise routines, as well as personalized recommendations based on your diet, lifestyle, age, weight, and personal fitness goals. To help you stay motivated, it tracks your diet and workout performance over time, so you can watch as your strength and endurance improve while you shed pounds. If your friends use MyFitnessPal on their cell phones, you can also use the app to access their social network to trade diet tips, recipes, workout routines, and encouragement.
(Cost: Free)

2. JEFIT (Android)
JEFIT lacks the diet functionality of MyFitnessPal, but it goes deeper in helping you organize and track your workout routine in an attractive, intuitive interface. You can track your workouts in detail, with graphs to show your improvement in weight and repetitions for strength training, as well as your progress in speed and endurance during cardio training. You can customize a personal routine catered to very specific fitness goals including weight loss, building lean muscle, bulking up, or training for specific sports, and then sync your workout plan to an online JEFIT profile . If you know which specific muscles you want to build, you can search the database for routines that isolate them. To ensure that you’re working out safely and effectively, JEFIT also provides detailed illustrations to help you perfect your form. This app is decent for cardio and endurance training, but the real selling point of the app is in its strength training functionality.
(Cost: Free)

3. Endomondo Sports Tracker (Android, iPhone)
Jogging is a great, low-maintenance way to get in shape, and Endomondo helps make it fun. You can input your route, and Endomondo will track your location via GPS to record personal bests. You can also invite friends to compete on the same route to become “Champion” by beating their best times (sort of like being Mayor on Foursquare). Setting concrete goals is one of the best ways to make a workout routine stick, and competition is even better. Endomondo also includes the basics you’d expect from a good fitness app—it tracks your mileage, calories burned, speed (in minutes per mile), and duration of your workout.
(Cost: Free)

4. Daniel Miller’s Daily Cardio Workout (Android)
If you’re having trouble wedging a fitness routine into your schedule, starting with bite-sized, guided workouts can make a big difference. Each workout is targeted toward a particular muscle group, so you can focus on trouble spots first or randomize to keep things fresh. These are simple, quick workouts—best used as a stepping stone to a more serious, intensive fitness routine, or as filler for days when your gym time is crowded out. The videos run about ten minutes each, and the cardio routine is just one of a dozen or more free workout apps from the same series.
(Cost: Free)

About The Author
Pearlie Davis is a staff writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone news, commentary, and reviews on T-Mobile used cell phones and phone plans.


Hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have a favorite health and fitness app? Please share in the comment section.

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