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Top Chef Food & Wine Giveaway

Posted Dec 20 2012 3:53pm

I am SO addicted to reality cooking competitions. And this month I am glued to Bravo’s Top Chef .

And I don’t just WATCH this show, guys. I pretend I’m on it. I act like a contestant and interact with the TV. Like it’s problematic. Whenever I watch, I end up screaming at the TV, mocking the contestants or oohing and ahhing over what they’ve made. However, in this season, I’ve been more yelling at the TV b/c I think Stefan is pompous as all get out and Josh is a big jerk with a villian mustache. But, wait. That’s not what today’s post is about :) As a Brave Top Chef A-lister, I’m here to talk about last night’s episode AND give you, one lucky reader, a year subscription to the holy bible of food, Food & Wine !


But first, let’s talk last night. If you didn’t watch it, SPOILER ALERT!! Go watch it and come back and leave a comment. If you don’t watch the show, well, I’m sorry. DO IT :) Anyway, so raise your hands if you hate Stefan as much as I do. Well, okay. I don’t HATE him. He’s just really full of himself. I mean, I get it, you own restaurants and jazz, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a big meany head and walk all over people! Sorry, getting off track again. So last night was one of my favorite episodes in the season because of how innovative the quickfire was. They had to make dishes out of food wrapped in reynolds foil (they couldn’t see the food when they picked it) and then had to COOK using reynolds foil! As in, had to assemble pots, pans and collainders out of foil.


[Image via Bravo TV ]

That can’t be easy. It was so fun watching them try to make pots out of foil! Could you imagine? I’d lose immediately. One of my favorite contestants, Kristen, won the challenge. She also ended up winning the elimination challenge too! And Danielle, another girl I liked, ended up going home. However, I don’t blame the judges for sending her. She’s very timid and didn’t believe in herself. You’ll never make it out of Top Chef if you are always doubting what you do! The elimination challenge was a little less exciting. They had to make dishes using seasonal berries. Which to me is a walk in the park, however, I can see how you could over think it. Or in John’s case, really just eff it up by making a chorizo stew. Who makes a spicy meat stew with berries?

So, what do you guys think? Who do you think should have gone home? Who is your favorite and least favorite of this season? 

Now, time to enter to win a subscription to Food & Wine ! Simply enter the prompts below!

Giveaway ends on December 26th, good luck!

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