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Top Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Posted Apr 22 2010 2:20am

Erectile dysfunction or ED is condition that develops due to recurrent issues of being unable to sustain an erection. In case untreated, erectile dysfunction could create difficulties during sexual contact. Impotence is a condition that afflicts an approximate fifteen to thirty million males in the United States alone.

Erectile Dysfunction versus Poor Sex drive

There are a number of types of male sexual dysfunction inclusive of poor sex drive and issues related to ejaculating. However, erectile dysfunction is particularly issues trying to achieve or maintain an erection. Males having erectile dysfunction mostly have a normal sex drive still their system is incapable of responding appropriately. In majority of the scenarios, there is an underlying physical origin for this issue.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms:

Erectile Dysfunction symptoms comprise of:

  • Male gets an erection which is not hard enough for engaging in sexual contact.
  • Erection develops but unable to sustain for desired time periods or lasting briefly.
  • Male incapable of achieving erection.

Causes of erectile dysfunctionSuch symptoms could arise on every instant of initiation of sexual contact or solely in some of the situations.

Who develops Erectile Dysfunction?

ED start becoming more prevalent as a man ages, however it is not a part of growing old. By the age of forty years, nearly five percent of males could start experiencing ED and by sixty-five years of age, the figures soar between fifteen to twenty-five percent. However, this does not translate to aging being a stop to one’s sex life and it is a condition treatable irrespective of age.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The association in-between unremitting ailment and ED is most conspicuous in case of diabetics. About 1 in every 2 diabetic males experience ED. The other health conditions which could be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction are heart ailments, atheroscelerosis (wherein arteries harden), kidney ailment and multiple sclerosis (MS). Such ailments could impede blood circulation and flow or nerve impulse all through the body.


Lifestyle preferences which hamper blood supply could be contributory to erectile dysfunction. Males who smoke, drink excessively and engage in drug abuse are habits which could have a damaging effect on the blood vessels and decrease blood circulation to the penile organ. Those males with atherosclerosis who smoke are especially prone to developing ED. Being obese or overweight issues and dearth of any form of physical exercise, sedentary existence are other likely risk factors.


Surgery inclusive of bladder or prostate cancer therapies could at times cause harm to the nerves, blood vessels situated close to the penile organ and could be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. In several scenarios, the harm to nerves is lasting and the man would need to undergo treatment for achieving an erection. In other cases, surgical procedure could cause short-term ED which shows improvement without any treatment in sixteen to eighteen months.


Intake of certain medicines could have related side-effects inclusive of ED. Particular hypertension allaying medicines as well as antihistamines could be contributory to ED. Males need to speak to their physician in case they are doubtful about a particular prescription or OTC drug being the cause for ED.

Psychological Factors

ED generally has a certain physical aspect to it especially in males in the older age bracket. However psychological aspects could be the offender in case of ten to twenty percent of males having ED. Specialists state that being stressed, depressed, pitiable self-worth and performance anxiety could hamper the process which causes an erection. Such aspects could additionally aggravate the issue in males wherein ED is stemming due to a physical aspect.


Several study investigators have indicated that those who engage in cycling on a regular basis like cyclists or other sports persons often develop ED. The issue stems from the shapes of a number of cycle seats which exert strain on the perineum (region in-between scrotum and anus) which has arterial and nerve supply critical for getting an erection. Those who do bicycling for several hours every week should ideally invest in seats that are made specially for protecting the perineum.

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