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Top 5 Tips for Exercising After Weight Loss Surgery

Posted Sep 05 2012 11:20am

weight loss surgery

weight-loss-surgery Follow Me on Pinterest Any time that we have a surgical procedure, it takes time for our bodies to adjust and heal from it. Weight loss surgery is certainly no exception to this fact. And although it can ultimately be beneficial when it comes to removing excess weight and lowering our vulnerabilities as it relates to high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis, there are still risks that are involved including wound infections, vitamin deficiencies and abdominal hernias. This is why when going through the recovery stages of weight loss surgery, we have to take extra precautions when starting or returning to an exercise routine.

If you are someone who has recently undergone weight loss surgery and you’ve received the “green light” from your doctor that it’s OK to start working out again, here are five tips to make exercising as painless and productive as possible:

Eat smart One of the best things that you can do in preparation for exercising is making sure that you have a good meal to kick your metabolism into gear. If you’re planning to work out in the morning hours, a fruit smoothie or bowl of oatmeal is an ideal meal. If it’s midday or evening, a salad with fruits, vegetables and nuts is good. So, if you make sure to not overeat and to give yourself about an hour to digest you food before working out, you should have just the right amount of fuel that you need to get started.

Stretch Stretchin g is something that is recommended for everyone to do before working out, but it’s especially important for someone who just had weight loss surgery. That’s because stretching improves your circulation, helps to alleviate back pain, further develops your balance and coordination and increases your flexibility. Stretching is a great way to “listen to your body” to see how much of a workout it can endure.

Start off slow Even if you feel like you can exercise for an hour, that doesn’t mean that you should try and force your body to do so. Start off doing 10-15 minute low-impact exercises like walking, strength training, water aerobics and/or using an elliptical machine.

Get into a routine Once you have found some exercises that you enjoy, make sure to schedule them into your daily routine. As your body gets adjusted to you setting aside time every day (or every other day) to work out, you will find that you will feel stronger, more energized and able to last longer during your exercises.

Join a support group Whether you had  cosmetic surgery in Austin , Houston or Nashville, there are support groups that you can join that will help you with finding your “new normal”. This can be especially beneficial as you’re trying to get into a workout regimen because chances are, you will meet other individuals who were once in the same predicament as you were. They can share with you the “dos and don’ts” of exercising, places that you can go that will provide you with the kinds of tips and equipment that you need and ways to transition into more strenuous workout plans…when you’re ready for them.

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