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Top 5 Tips and techniques for memory skills.

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:01pm
This time I am bringing you some tips and Healthy habits which can help you in improving your memory skills.

1. Do regular exercises
a) They will reduce the risk for memory loss disorders which may occur due to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus.
Help your brain in getting good oxygen content
c) Will help in protecting your brain cells and will increase the effects of useful brain chemicals.

2. Maintain good sleep habits
Disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia will leave you tired and this will cause concentration problems during daytime.

Remember that sleep is very essential for consolidation of memory.

3. Manage your stress and depression
a) Stress will create difficulties in concentrating your work.
A stress hormone called Cortisol can damage your hippocampus (part of brain) if it is unrelieved.

4. Stop smoking
a) Smoking increases the risk of vascular disorders which can lead to stroke and constricts arteries that supply blood to the brain.

5. Take healthy diet
Try to focus on vegetables, whole grains and fruits in your daily diet.

Opt for low fat protein sources, such as skinless poultry, lean meat, and fish.

Drink more water.

Too much intake of alcohol is not good as it leads to memory loss and confusion.

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