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Top 5 ‘Self-Cherishing’ Bugs

Posted Mar 10 2011 1:09pm

A mental attitude that considers oneself to be precious or important”

Self-Cherishing should be avoided by those wishing to attain enlightenment.  Therefore, please help me on my path to peace, bliss and nibbana by being mindful of my following pet peeves.  Thanks in advance!!! ♥ SJ x

1.NEVER cut in – especially while driving and in queues.  You are no more important than the person you are trying to overtake and your time is no more valuable.  Plus my car is super speedy and I’m fantastic at tail-gating in a traffic jam so you won’t get in anyway – pah!  You’ve been warned : )

2.NEVER let your dog foul the footpath – the pavement does not belong solely to you.  It is for other people to use and enjoy.  You may not have the time nor the inclination to pick up poo, but why do you think that your preference is more important than creating a lovely environment for everyone to live in?

3. NEVER purposely drop litter – is laziness a just reason for ruining the surroundings for everyone else?  I think not.  You are never more important than the entire community around you (is this sinking in yet?)

4. NEVER be late for important events – everyone is busy and has a million and one tasks to juggle.  Why is your time and list of priorities more important than theirs?  Stop being wasteful and start being more organised instead.

5. NEVER forget your manners – a ‘please’ and a ‘thank-you’ never harmed anybody and they create a positive and pleasant energy.  If I stop to hold a door open for you I am not doing it because it is my job or because I’m a mug.

Now repeat after me:

  • “I will always be a perfectly pleasant and considerate driver”
  • “I will always take the dog out for a walk with my poop-a-scoop”
  • “I will always take my rubbish home with me to dispose of it appropriately”
  • “I will always allow plenty of time before important events to ensure I arrive promptly and courteously”
  • “I will always mind my manners and say ’please’ and ’thank-you’”
 Perfect : )

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