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Top 10: worst and unhealthy foods to avoid.

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:01pm
This post is about the foods that are bad for eating and are unhealthy. Previously I have posted a list of healthy and nutritious foods and now this is opposite of that to help you better in knowing thefoods that you should be careful in avoiding. 

1)Soft drinks, soda drinks and even the “diet” kind of drinks: contain high amounts of sugar which may lead to tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. Studies revealed that soda drinks may cause tooth decay, heart disease, obesity and osteoporosis. They also decrease your appetite for healthy foods and may lead to nutrition deficiencies and even “diet” drinks are not an exception from these kind of problems as they contain artificial sweeteners with are not good for health.
Note:drink more water which is one of the best health habits. If you have addictions to coffee, limit your intake to once daily. Fruit juices with 50 % water dilution are good alternative for drinks. Even green tea is good for health and you can try that instead of normal tea.

2)   Foods containing transfats:NOTE: All fats are not unhealthy, for example: oils seeds, nuts and fish are good for health. But the problem is with the refined oils which are not healthy as they contain full of transfats and toxins. They cover most of the cooking oils, margarines and foods like burgers, packed foods and baked foods like cakes, biscuits and crisps.
Note: Just limit your intake of transfats foods to fewer amounts so that your body can adjust well.

3)Bacon: The meat here contains full of fat, salt, nitrates and nitrites which are unhealthy to body. Studies insist to not to make it a staple of a diet plan to be healthy. The main problem here is curing and smoking of the bacon before reaching grocery store, so remember to eat bacon in moderation.

4)      French fries: surprised to see French fries?  Yes, French fries are one of the worst foods. They are often double fried in oils that contain fats that are not good which can produce cholesterol and health problems and they contain saturated fats, salts and hydrogenated vegetable oils.
Note: So the solution for this is to cook the fries at your home and instead of frying bake them. The reason for not to attempt deep frying is that the vitamin C in the potato is destroyed easily.

5)Pizza loaded with processed meats and cheese: this time you may be angry with me for making it (pizza) to the list; I can’t help you guys :( sorry, yes! they are unhealthy.
Note: If you can’t resist the taste of yummy and delicious pizzas, you dress up the pizza with a bottom layer of vegetables and next with meat which adds fats and calories and other unnecessary things you can avoid like cheese etc.

6)Hamburgers and doughnuts: doughnuts are unhealthy as they disturb the blood sugar levels and they give a quick “high” and followed by a immediate “low” of sugar levels. Hamburgers are also not good for health and avoiding or limiting them is good for health.

7)Fried chicken and fried sea foods: any food which is fried is bad for you. Where as for the sea foods is that most of them (like: shrimps, lobsters and prawns) are loaded with toxic mercury, may be contaminated with camphylobacter and salmonella types of bacteria.
Note: in fishes, salmon is the best and where as for chicken try grilling or boiling it rather than frying.

8)Food Additives: they include sweeteners, flavor enhancers and preservatives- sweeteners are known to cause cancers; where as preservatives like BHA (butyl hydroxyanisole) is considered to be a carcinogenic by international cancer research. Flavor enhancers like MSG( monosodium glutamate) can cause burning sensations in skin and chest tightness and also some times lead to headaches.
Note: better to avoid them and never use them so often

9)Pork rind: also known as pork scratchings in the United Kingdom. They are hard, heavy and have a layer of fat under the skin. Some times the hair of the pig is retained. The pig hair is usually removed by the quick burning of skin so 100% hair removal doesn’t take place. Most importantly they are high in salt and fat.

10)Canned chicken soup: the biggest problem with the canned versions of the recipes is high sodium content. Do you know one cup of canned yourself with your own version of this soup.

I hope my top 10worst foods list is very appropriate and if you need any changes or additions to be added in the list, please comment below.

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