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Top 10 Benefits of Running

Posted Feb 13 2013 6:04am

Benefits of running

benefits of running Follow Me on Pinterest Here are the Top Ten Benefits of Running:

1. Overall Mental Health: Running helps to release natural chemicals within the body to make you feel happy.
2. Lessens Asthma Effects: Asthmatics will breathe easier with strengthening the bronchi and lungs.
3. Helps with High Blood Pressure Prevention: Running allows your arteries to expand. This keeps arteries strong to maintain healthy blood pressure.
4. Stronger Immune System: People who run often have less minor illnesses.
5. Weight Loss: The movements with running help break down fat. This helps you burn 705 to 865 calories each hour.
6. Physical Strength: Running strengthens ligaments and tendons and builds lower body strength.
7. Increase Bone Density: If bones are stressed, the body sends important minerals to them. As running stresses the bones, these minerals increase bone density.
8. Joint Strength and Stability: When you increase the tendon and ligament strength, you also increase joint strength minimizing injuries to the knees, hips and ankles.
9. Personal Control: Running gives you higher confidence, which gives more control over your life.
10. Reduce Effects of Diabetes: Diabetics builds up a resistance to insulin that running can lower. This maintains healthy levels of sugar in the blood.

About the Author: The infographic below has been provided by Nordictrack

Benefits of running

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