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Tools for Creating a Workout

Posted Mar 01 2012 7:00am

Hi friends!

I had this whole plan to share a recipe with you all today. And then I made it last night and it didn’t turn out like I hoped it would :? …so annoying! Oh well, at least it was tasty enough to enjoy. I just don’t feel like it was blog worthy haha.

So after scrapping that post idea, I decided that today I’ll tell you how I make up my workouts! There are so many bloggers out there that are a personal trainer and other type of fitness professional and they have a wide knowledge base they can utilize when creating their workouts. While I do have a degree in exercise science, I don’t have that plethora of knowledge within me…I’ve had to teach myself that stuff and utilize other sources.

These are my main go-to “tools” to help me when I’m trying to put together a quality workout.

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Exercise and Muscle Directory is a great website where you can click on a particular muscle and it will give you descriptions and animations of different types of exercises that target it!

Health and Fitness Magazines are awesome! While I don’t always love the full workouts that are posted in these magazines, I do often find ideas for new exercises to incorporate into my own or learn ways to use equipment differently than I’m used to. Also, the websites for these magazines can be great to visit. And I don’t just limit myself to going to the sites for women’s magazines. You can find awesome moves on the men’s ones!

Youtube is my go-to place when I don’t quite understand how to do a more complex exercise. It’s way better for me to see the move in its entirety than to try and figure it out from a written description or a picture that doesn’t quite give me enough information.

Blogs are seriously an amazing place to discover new ways of exercising, ways of putting together a workout that you might not be familiar with, new moves you haven’t seen, and you can get first hand information as to whether or not certain things actually seem to be effective! Some (key word here is “some”) of my favorite blogs to find workouts are Tina’s , Ashley’s , Julie’s , Courtney’s , Lindsay’s , Annette’s , and Paige’s ! That’s 7 different sources right there and that’s just a taste of the ones I go to :) .

Google (or any other search engine of your choice) is one of my ultimate resources. I like that I can basically type in something like “treadmill workouts” and come up with a ton of hits! If you’re googling something, there is pretty much always a chance that you can find something to spark your creativity for coming up with your own routine.


Now that I look at this list, it seems like common sense to me…but it may not be for everyone so that’s why I wanted to share it! These are my 5 main “tools” that I utilize when I’m trying to create a workout. I can’t always just pull stuff from my head. I sometimes need inspiration and information and these are the places I get those things!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Fitness Loves of the Week !



What is your biggest “tool” that you use to create a workout?

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