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Too Focused on Your Fitness Goals? Tips for Finding Balance.

Posted Jul 30 2010 4:29am

Sometimes when we are so focused on our fitness and weight management goals we begin to loose sight of other areas of our lives. We become so involved with trying to meet our goals that we put on blinders and we eat, sleep, and breathe nothing but fitness and weight management.  When we become so focused on one aspect of our lives, our emotional wellness begins to suffer and we start to burn ourselves out.  The Healthy Lifestyle Approach is all about finding balance between all of its components. So, even though physical activity and nutrition are part of the picture, so is your emotional wellness.  Keep reading for tips on how to manage your emotional wellness during your journey to meeting your goals.

We all need a mental break from thinking about our goals. Build into your schedule a No Goal Zone, which is a time each day where you aren’t focusing on anything related to your fitness and weight management goals. Whether it is reading a book for pleasure, spending time with friends or family, or even a relaxing bath, just make sure you are taking some time where you aren’t thinking about your goals.

Make sure you are taking time to celebrate all of your accomplishments in your life, not just progress on the fitness and weight management front.  Reach that big deadline at work? Celebrate it! Find out that talk with your friend really helped them with their problem? Celebrate it! The dinner party you hosted went over really well with your guests? Celebrate it! Regardless of how big or small, take time to celebrate those moments.

So you have increased the time you spend on exercising?  Awesome!  However, if you have given up all of the activities that you love doing that is a problem. Make sure you are still making time for the things you love to do. Find time still include them as well as some physical activity. If you aren’t making time for those things, eventually you will end up despising the lifestyle change you have made to reach your fitness goals and reverting back to old habits will eventually take over.

It can be real easy to start to socially isolate yourself when you are working on your fitness and weight management goals, but this can be really damaging to your emotional wellness. If you find that you are doing this it is time to get out there and start socializing. Find that your social network is challenging to your new lifestyle changes? Start adding new people to your social circle, ones that have a more active lifestyle.

Sure, focus is needed to reach your goals. Just make sure you aren’t sacrificing your emotional wellness in the pursuit of them. Strive to find balance and your journey will be a much healthier one for you.

  • What tips do you have to help people find balance between their fitness & weight management goals and their emotional wellness?

Quote of the Day: Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony. ~ Thomas Merton

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