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Tonsillitis – An Acquaintance

Posted Oct 19 2010 1:14am

You might have experienced some or the other time, during the seasons that bring soreness to your throats, that your food becomes difficult to swallow and when you try drinking loads of water, it just leaves something choking up the throat. You might try gargling with warm salt water, but that just brings a temporary relief. What is this pathetic condition? Well, it is called tonsillitis. It is the inflammation of the oral organs called tonsils. Tonsils are nothing but oval- shaped pads, 2 in number, in the oral cavity that lay at the back of one’s throat. There is one tonsil on each side of the throat. The common and typical symptoms of tonsillitis are swollen tonsils, difficult swallowing and sore throat. Below can be encountered the specific causes and symptoms of tonsillitis.

Causes of tonsillitis

TonsillitisThe common causes of tonsillitis are the viral infections or may be the bacterial ones. This condition is caused by the bacteria named Streptococcus pyogenes, also known as group A streptococcus. This bacterium is the culprit to be blamed for most of the strep throat cases. Certain kinds of white blood cells are produced by the tonsils, and these WBCs are used to fight the disease causing germs that enter the oral cavity. Tonsils are, thus, know to act as the first line of defense on behalf of the immune system of the body. This act if charity for the body, which is a necessary and appraisable one, leads the tonsils to the doorsteps of vulnerability. The tonsils become susceptible towards the various throat infections and inflammations. The immune system function of the tonsils diminishes to zero, gradually, after puberty. Hence, there are quite rare cases of tonsillitis in adult population.

Symptoms of tonsillitis

This condition, not to be termed as a disease, is most frequent in attacking children between the ages 4 – 12, and is seldom found to be associated with the throats of adults. Yet, there are quite a few symptoms that can be kept a check on to ensure the intermingling of tonsillitis with one’s health.

    The tonsils become red with inflammation and show swelling. There are found yellow and white colored coated patches on the surface of tonsils. The throat signals for help against soreness. Swallowing food and even drinking water becomes painful and irritating. There is fever, along with cough and a bitter tongue. The tender glands in the neck get enlarged. The voice becomes scratchy, muffled or hoarse. Bad breath seems to be coming from one’s mouth. The stomach aches and this symptom is common in children than adults. The neck becomes stiff. There may be instances of continuity of runny nose and other nasal issues. One may complain of an ear ache, as well. There’s headache seen in adults.

Tonsillitis also occurs in young children who may not be able to describe the way they feel. They noticeable symptoms to discover this condition in younger children are:

    Loss of appetite due to persistent irritation in the throat and pain in the tonsils while swallowing. The children become too fussy, which may not be the usual case. There may be seen dribbling of saliva from their mouth due to painful swallowing of the food or water.

Though the symptoms are clear, but sometimes what we think may not be the case with tonsillitis. Hence, it is necessary to call up for a doctor as soon as the following signs become apparent.

    If the soreness of the throat persists even after the first two hot drinks in the morning. If unrelenting pain and difficulty experienced during swallowing, drinking or talking. If unusual and extreme kind of weakness, fussiness or fatigue is seen. If difficulty while breathing is encountered. If the appetite has fallen below the danger levels due to problems of swallowing. If the drooling is enormous.

Like every diseased condition, tonsillitis also comes up to certain complications, if not looked after at the first instance. The condition may become chronic, i.e. the person may have to live with tonsillitis for a life. So, its better to get in touch with a health care provider as soon as the above cases come into appearance.

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