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Toning Shoes Blamed for Causing Hip Fractures

Posted Feb 18 2011 1:47am

Controversy shrouds the world of toning shoes and other related performance wear. To date, there aren’t very many reliable studies available to either prove or disprove their usefulness. I must confess that I own a pair of Reebok EasyTones. They don’t replace my workout, but I feel as though they take it up a notch. I understand that it may be all in my head, but I could swear that my bottom is showing the results! Not everyone is so happy with their results.

Holly Ward, a waitress from Ohio, wore her Skechers Shape-ups while working. After five months she began to experience pain in both of her hips. It turns out that Ward was suffering from stress fractures. Ward and her lawyer, Ronald Johnson, are convinced that the fractures were caused by her regular use of toning shoes. It seems to be a fair assumption, considering Ward has normal bone density and no prior injuries.

Orthopedic professionals have cautioned consumers since the beginning that toning shoes may not be appropriate for everyone. Johnson also brings to our attention that some doctors believe toning shoes to be responsible for falls and injured Achilles tendons.

According to ThatsFit , Skechers is standing by their Shape-ups saying, “millions of people wear Shape-ups without experiencing what Ms. Ward alleges.” Although that’s certainly true, what do you think? Do you use toning shoes? Do you think they do any good or do you think that they could potentially cause harm?

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