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Tomato Face

Posted Aug 14 2010 8:47am

I had a fun day at work yesterday. The office was pretty empty, and I am currently working on an online project that is taking a LONG time. So I decided, since most people weren’t around, I would blast some music while I worked!

I first played some GLEE and then played an old playlist that BF made for me. It was fun to sing along to music while I worked on my project :)

Lunch was an odd salad. I threw together the ingredients for a Mediterranean style chopped salad…but then decided to top it with my poppy seed dressing .
081410 001  
Sort of a fail.
It didn’t really go. It was to sweet for this kind of salad. I still managed to eat it all though :D
081410 003
I’m always surprised at how salads with the right combo of ingredients can be so filling! Mine had romaine, cukes, tomatoes, chickpeas and goats milk feta.  I also snacked on some tamari almonds.

After work I headed to a hot yoga class. I haven’t gone back to hot yoga in a while, though I’ve been meaning to! Let’s just say it wasn’t a coincidence that me going back to hot yoga coincided with me finishing Book Two (India) of Eat Pray Love . I was a little very inspired :) .

I really struggled through the class yesterday. I had to sit down/skip out on a few postures. But I got myself a month package, and am going to attempt to go 2-3 times a week, so hopefully I will eventually get used to the heat and be able to just focus on improving my practice!

Me after class. This is what I like to refer to as my “tomato face”.
This isn’t even the half of it though. During and directly after exercising my face turns SO red, it’s crazy! This was 30 minutes after class ended!

I came home and had the rest of my Tomato-Red pepper soup and 2 slices of toast for dinner.
081410 008
I know, I know. 2 nights in a row – soup? But it’s just so good! And I just love tomatoes!
And, see, it looks orange in the bowl!
081410 009  

I was still hungry afterwards, so I munched on a bowl of cereal. 

Speaking of tomatoes… I’m off to have brunch with my Grandma and then we’re going on a hunt for heirloom tomatoes! I think tomatoes may be my favorite “vegetable” (I know, technically it’s a fruit ;) ).

According to my parents, my grandma and I have the same palate and enjoy a lot of the same foods! Especially heirloom tomatoes! I hope we find some!!!

This plate looks like HEAVEN to me!
[ source ]


And, lastly, before I go – A Very Happy Birthday to my Mom :D

Does your face turn red after exercising?

Are you a fan of tomatoes/heirloom tomatoes?

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