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Today, I became a housewife {gasp!}

Posted Feb 09 2010 12:00am

Today was a pretty productive, fun, happy kind of day. :)

I had a couple of calls early in the morning with some clients, had a fabulous starbucks lunch break with a friend (talked fitness & blog design, are you jealous? I know you are), stopped at Trader Joe’s for some groceries, came home and * * fixed dinner { GASP! }

Yea, I cook. For a couple of reasons, actually.

  • Designer Husband is an ahhhhmazing cook. I don’t mean he can grill… I mean he can take rare ingredients that he finds at places like Earth Fare and World Market and actually use them in dishes to create something completely out of the ordinary, and completely delicious. I mean, I can pick up some weird things at the store and be creative with them too… the difference is that after eating my creations, you’re not sure that you ever want to eat food again. ever. Hubs affectionately tells me that I’m just “domestically” challenged.
  • Unlike me, hubs LOVES to cook. I’ve tried to enjoy cooking, but I’m so impatient. {I absolutely LOVE eating though} I don’t understand why after being at the office all day, he feels like coming home and immediately starts preparing dinner. For a long time, I felt really bad about it because I wasn’t being “a wife” – but the more I talked to him about it, the more he insisted that he likes to come home and cook so he can “unwind”. The first time he told me this, I told him to just please tell me now if he was gay…. I mean, it was like 3 months before the wedding and I really needed to know ASAP. He denied it… and I now believe him. Thank goodness!

Anyway, back to my story. I cooked tonight’s dinner! I decided to do something incredibly easy in hopes of not burning the house down. I’m happy to report, it was fabulous! For a starter, I did completely easy and went with some TJ’s Butternut Squash soup..

The soup was “eh”. I love butternut Squash soup, but thought this one needed something “more” – not bad for a few bucks and straight out of a box though.

For entree, I fixed a fillet of Turbot, baby spinach and white rice. Hubs enjoys his spinach wilted in butter and garlic… I like mine just raw.

Unfortunately, I was so out of my element in the kitchen that I didn’t take photo’s of much. I was even so excited to try dinner that I forgot to take a photo of my plate, which usually has a prettier presentation that hubby’s, but I snapped a quick pic of his since I had already taken a few bites of mine.

After dinner, I had play time with the cats. I was out of the house most of the day… which they obviously hated because I came home to two food bowls scattered about, a dumped water bowl, and one of my shoes in the middle of the living room floor.

They were happy to have some one on one time…. and they were WILD.

Pretty Grizzabella posing for the camera.

Benny *really* doesn’t like when I get THIS close to him…

After  play time, I surprised hubs even more by baking some brownies. This is a surprise for 2 reasons:

{honestly, he finally asked me “OK, what did you buy today and how much did you spend?!” haha!}

I bought these “reduced guilt” brownies from Trader Joes. All you do is mix the brownie mix with 2/3 cup of non fat Vanilla Yogurt. They turn out all ooey, gooey warm melty fudgy. PHENOMENAL!

Brownie perfection – {BEHOLD!}

We enjoyed this deliciousness while watching 3 hours of The Office reruns on TBS. Overall, a pretty perfect evening :)

How’s your week so far?

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