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Today’s Tastes and Adios Flavored Milk in LA Schools!

Posted Jun 17 2011 10:41am

After last night’s Velveeta and Edy’s indulgence , my body was craving fresh, whole foods this morning.  I went for a run before work and with only 45 minutes to get ready, I decided to pack my breakfast and lunch before taking a shower… since I usually use every last minute getting ready and knew it just wouldn’t happen if I put it off.  As a result, I left the house without makeup on but did have a healthy breakfast and lunch packed!  This is Goodness to Go at it’s finest.

Here is breakfast:  a hearty serving of 1% cottage cheese and 1/2 of a fresh mango.


This is my lunch & afternoon snack: turkey and salami sandwich on whole wheat bread with lettuce, provolone cheese and a tablespoon of mayo and a peach which is washed and ready to go!


Putting delicate fruit like peaches and pears in food storage containers keeps them from getting banged up on your commute!


I am loving the slogan from Applegate deli meat:  “Changing the meat we eat.”


I really love their products because:

  • they don’t use any antibiotics on their animals, which promotes antibiotic resistance
  • they don’t add nitrates, nitrites (preservatives), gluten or casein
  • they treat their animals nice!  they live stress-free lives and eat all vegetable-based diets

You may or may not have heard the good news this week about flavored milk being removed from schools in LA starting this fall.  With each little milk having 28 grams of sugar, flavored milk is almost as bad as giving your child a soda at breakfast.  Jamie Oliver, a celebrity chef on a mission to make people healthier, played a huge role in this.  If you’ve never seen his show, Food Revolution,  do it.  You’ll be hooked, I promise!

Here’s a short clip from the Food Revolution episode that really got the ball rolling on banning flavored milks in LA schools.  It’s statements like these that will force some eyeballs open and enable policy changes to take place.


Here’s an article from ABC on the changes that are being made!

Well friends, it’s time to get to work.  TGIF!  I have a few fun things planned for this weekend, I hope you do too!  On my agenda:

  • Happy Hour at Carolina Inn tonight & fish tacos at my place with the girls afterwards
  • Shooting lesson tomorrow – yes, as in handguns…  so excited!
  • Quarry jumping with the girls tomorrow evening
  • Sunday Funday by the pool


Do  you watch Food Revolution? I heart Jamie Oliver.

What do you think about banning flavored milks in the LA school system? Personally, I hope this change goes national.

Have a great Friday!

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