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Toasting it French style

Posted Mar 12 2012 5:42am

Have had a few weeks of lacking motivation but I wanted to start this week a fresh by looking after my body and giving it what it needs….sleep, good food, exercise and vitamin D. The weather is finally starting to resemble spring here in the UK, and I had a wonderful time walking to work yesterday in the sunshine. It was a lovely 14 degrees which felt a lot more like 20 degrees, or maybe I have finally acclimatised to the British weather. Walking to work, I pass through two small villages in the heart of Buckinghamshire, and I still love the view over the fields and as I pass by century old farmsteads on a sunny day. It is an instant mood booster.

So following yesterday’s glorious weather I kept out of bed this morning and headed to the gym for a good all over body toning and cardio circuit. Once home, I decided to treat myself with a deliciously sweet, but clean, breakfast of French Toast. Full of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats it was a great post workout meal which has kept me full all morning.

Chocolate French Toast with Strawberries
Serves 1


French toast
1 slice grainy bread
2 egg whites
Tbsp almond milk
1 scoop protein powder (I used a pea protein by Vital Greens)
1 tsp stevia
1 tsp xylitol
1/2 tsp organic unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp ground flaxseed

4 strawberries sliced
1 tsp cashew nut butter
1/2 tsp chia seeds
2 tsp pepita/sunflower seed mix

1. In a bowl mix the egg whites, almond milk, stevia, xylitol, cocoa powder, protein powder and flaxseed until well combined.
2. Place the bread in the bowl and coat on both sides. Leave to rest for a few minutes so the bread soaks up the majority of the mixture.
3. In a non stick pan, cook bread on both sides on a medium heat until toast is cooked to a consistency you like and is nice and fluffy.
4. Serve french toast on a plate, and top with the sliced strawberries. Drizzle with the cashew nut butter and sprinkle with seeds.


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