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To the Summit

Posted Aug 22 2011 8:55pm

Hey, guys! Wow, long time no blog.  As most of you know, we didn’t really have internet at the Healthy Living Summit, and I didn’t go to Starbucks to blog or anything.  I decided on one recap only (because I’m sure you’ve seen TONS by now anyway), and figured it could wait till I got home.  I also needed last night off to just regroup. :)

As I mentioned before , it was me, The Bodybuilder, and his brother, Scott, on the trip.

It was a pretty easy drive into the city.

We were pretty hungry when we arrived, so we went to the Reading Terminal Market for some vegetarian goodies.

Such an amazing place!

The boys had fresh apple juice. :)

I didn’t take any food pictures of this meal, and actually, took an embarrassingly small amount of pictures in general.  I just wasn’t thinking about it — I know, bad blogger!

They hung out with me for awhile, then I finally got to meet my roomies!  Allison , Carly , and Jenny were so nice!  :) We got ready and headed out to the cocktail party (also at the Market)…

Delicious pizza and other food.

3/4 of the roomies – Carly , me, and Allison .

Katie , me, and Allison.

There were bloggers everywhere!  It was so crazy to see so many writers of blogs in “real life.”

They had a photo booth at the party, which was tons of fun!

One of many photo strips. :)

A lot of people ran on Saturday morning, but I skipped that in favor of sleep.  I got ready and headed out for breakfast and the sessions.

Breakfast by Attune .

My plate.

The sessions were all so great and informative.  The bloggers gave tons of helpful tips and information based on their personal experiences.

At the end of the day, I was missing The BB, so I met up with him and Scott.  We went to get them some falafel for lunch/dinner, and I had a pita-with-hummus pocket.  SO good.  We walked around for awhile before heading to Trader Joe’s (by car — the guys had already walked 9+ miles that day!)  We hung out the rest of the night, then I stayed with them since we decided to leave early on Sunday.

All in all, HLS was a good time, and I’m so glad I got to meet so many great bloggers!   I made my own little pros and cons list of the whole experience too…


  • Community.  It was awesome to meet everyone in person!  There’s so much knowledge and connection through the blog community, and that was very evident.
  • Healthy.  For the most part, the food provided was very healthy and delicious.  I know that’s not true of lots of other conferences, so I considered this a great thing.
  • Organized.  Everything was so well organized and seemed to flow pretty seamlessly.
  • Swag.  Oh my gosh.  I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures, but they really went out of their way to provide great swag samples/clothing/foods/items.
  • Location.  Philly is beautiful, and it was such a quick walk to the Market and other nearby places!
  • Sessions.  All so informative, and led by some amazing bloggers.
  • Put Together.  You can tell that SO much amazing work went into this conference.  I’m so thankful to everyone who made it so enjoyable and possible!


  • (Over) Structure.  Sometimes I just wanted to get out (and actually did just that by bailing on a few sessions) and just have less of a structured day on Saturday.
  • Cocktail Food.  I didn’t really feel that there was enough food at the party, especially for vegetarians/vegans.  It was all delicious, I just wish there had been more options.  It’s okay though… I raided my swag bag later on.

I’d say that was about it! Definitely more pros than cons.  I plan to discuss a bit more in depth later (although it’s more “in general,” and only somewhat related to HLS).  Everyone was so super nice, and it was fun to come together to share something we all feel so passionately about! :)

I’ve definitely been lacking in comments, but I’m back.  I’ve still been reading!  For now though…goodnight, guys!<3

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