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To Supplement or Not

Posted Jan 03 2010 12:00am

I have been taking supplements (fancy word for vitamins, herbs, and minerals) for many years now.  It seems I do not stick to the same routine for very long because:

1)  I really am not sure if the current regime is doing much for me

2)  I read about a new supplement and feel I must try it

Since I am nearing the big 4 0.  Yes I will be forty on March 12.  I feel extra pressure to take certain supplements because women need more/different nutrients as they age than let’s say someone in their 20’s does.

Now as I said I have been experimenting for years.  I have been lucky enough to have a plethora of supplements available to me in the past when my husband worked for his parents nutrition company ( ) for 15 or so years.  I tried most of their products as well as other lines of products.  Some things made me feel good for a short time (giving me energy) and others helped me lose weight ( I lost about 15 or so pounds).

Since I do not have the variety of  supplements at my disposal anymore I really am picky as to what I take on a daily basis.  Let’s face it, vitamins, herbs, and minerals are not cheap!

So this is what I take:


vitamin D, magnesium, calcium (in one pill)

vitamin B-12


vitamin E and primrose oil

melatonin (at night)

I really have to say I am not sure any of this is doing anything for me except for maybe the probiotic.  I also supplement all this with Airborne tablets in my water because I am a school teacher and constantly live in fear of getting sick.

Now I also add in my morning shake, amazing grass super food ( ) and just recently started bovine colostrum.

I LOVE AMAZING GRASS!  That I know works for me. It is a keeper.

Not sure of the other things.

What about you?  What do you take?  What do you think we need other than a healthy diet?


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