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To pay or not to pay?

Posted Oct 05 2009 10:03pm

Last day to enter the GLAM mascara giveaway!

Well, it’s another Monday- i’m sitting here drinking my crack coffee to help me get my day started.  I got up a little earlier than usual today because I was tossing and turning all night long.  No idea why but it sure was getting on my nerves!  Surprisingly I don’t feel tired right now so hopefully that carries me through a real busy day at work!

Do you ever have trouble sleeping?

Yesterday I had the best run that I have had in a really long time!! I finally decided around 5:15pm to get my butt off the couch and go for a quick 3 miles.  This was after chatting with my Mom, Grandma, Sister and Nephew on skype for over an hour!! I would be lost without technology sometimes!  It always sucks saying goodbye though.  Anyway, the run!  I planned on going for an easy 3 miles but because it was so sunny out and I was so happy about the conversation I just had on skype I was able to keep going really easily for 5 miles.  Love that when that happens!!  The weather was absolutely perfect, my pace was going really well, I wasn’t feeling tired, my stomach was happy – I really had no reason to stop!

I’ve been toying with the idea of joining a gym that is right around the corner from me.  Problem is, I know get a free gym membership at the local leisure centre.  The catch?  I have to make it there between 6:30am – 4:30pm (off-peak time!).  Which is fine, if I can leave work straight away – but that isn’t always easy for me.  For example Mondays I coach netball, Wednesdays I have meetings, Thursdays I tutor until 4:30 and Fridays I help the boys football team until 4:30.  Really my only day would be Tuesdays to get there before 4:30!  I could get to the gym super early at 6:30am but even then its a quick 30 min rushed workout. gah!!

See the problem here?

What’s a girl to do!!

I contemplated over breakfast this morning…

A bit of love…


And a bowl of carbs.


(repeat photos but it was dark in my kitchen so early this morning!! :) )

So, tell me – what would you do?  Stick with the free gym – suck it up and bust out the good workouts in the small amount of time, OR start paying about £36 per month (which is about $60 CAD) to workout at the posh gym (with a pool & steam room!!) anytime you want??

I’m really trying to watch our finances, but for the love of working out….

I’ll be back tonight to announce the winner of the GLAM mascara giveaway!!

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