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To Keep or Delete: Why I am keeping my blog

Posted Sep 29 2012 10:09pm

I have been struggling for the past few months with the idea of deleting this little blog of mine for many reasons.

1. I’m not actually that great of a writer which means that even the simplest of posts takes time for me.

2. I am busy, ya know with living life and that stuff

3. I started to feel as though the blog was taking away my time for other important things like working out, reading, and sitting on my rear watching T.V. with the husband.

4. Sometimes when you are blogging and it is mostly about one thing (i.e. working out/ running) and that one thing isn’t going all that great or just run of the mill normal, it’s hard to want to blog about it.


So with all that being said, I actually think I want to keep the blog…for several reasons and with the condition that the content will probably change. (So to any of my running friends still with me, sorry about that)

1. I like my little blog. It means nothing to everyone else but it is something special to me.

2. I love that I have two years worth of my life documented..give or take

3. I want to remember this time in my life and I want to remember the future when it happens.


So what does that mean for The Sweet Life? Well it means it’s here to stay for now but it won’t be about running/working out/me as much. I want to record more of my daily life. I want to document more of the ordinary day to day for Scott and I. I want The Sweet Life to be more of a place where family and friends can come to catch up with the happenings of our little family. This blog started out as a way to document our wedding planning and morphed into a fitness blog when that became my biggest interest and while I am still very interested in running and working out I feel that my priorities are shifting. So rather than delete the blog because of that, I want the blog to shift with me. Hopefully over the next few months I will get back into consistently blogging and the blog will hopefully become something I love again.

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