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To Guest Post, or Not to Guest Post: That is the Question

Posted Sep 16 2010 12:00am

Guest posting on other blogs have become a common thing in the blogosphere. Why are so many bloggers writing guest posts on other blogs? The main reason is to drive traffic back to their site after they have written an awesome article.

Some are writing because they love writing and they enjoy sharing what they know with other bloggers. Further more guest posting will help you meet and engage with other interesting bloggers that will funnel traffic to your site.

There is nothing wrong with guest posting on another blogger’s site, but before you decide to guest post, there are a few points you must consider.

1. Get to know the owner of that blog. Don’t be a stranger. Do you follow each other on Twitter or Facebook? Have you actually made comments on each other’s blogs? This is important because this is how you network and develop relationships with other bloggers online.

2. Be familiar with the topics posted on that blog. Have a general idea about the blog topics that are published on the site before you submit a guest post. It is a good idea to check the categories so that you can write your guest post accordingly. This will give you a better chance of your guest post being accepted and published.

3. Make sure you are submitting guest posts to blogs that are closely related to your niche. Why? Because the readers of those blogs will more than likely visit your blog after you have written your awesome post. When they land on your site, they will be expecting to find more of the same awesome articles. But after arriving on your site they find articles that have nothing to do with what you posted on the other site. Select your sites wisely!

4. Don’t waste your precious time. This ties in with number three. You could be writing awesome content on the other blogs, but will it help you in the long run? Probably not! Your time is valuable so make sure you make good use of your time. Yes, you will receive a surge in traffic from writing your awesome articles, but will those visitors become active readers and loyal followers of your blog? Most of the time, those visitors will bounce so fast, without ever leaving a comment.  Never to return again.

5. Respond to most if not all comments you receive on your guest post. There is nothing worse than talking to someone who never responds back. You should always engage those who take the time to comment on a guest post that you have written. It is your guest post and when fellow bloggers comment, they are talking to you and not the owner of the blog. In some cases the blog owner will reply to comments, but you should make it your duty to respond to those comments too. Why leave the commentators hanging?

Here is how guest posting has helped me.

Guest posting has helped me meet new bloggers that I would have never ordinarily met. I have even developed relationships with a few bloggers that I have met along the way. I  had a surge in traffic too at the time my articles were published. Guest posting has helped me have more confidence in my writing abilities.

Here is how guest posting has not helped me.

Guest posting has not converted visitors into loyal readers and followers of this blog. Why? Because I guest posted outside my niche and those fellow bloggers who visited my blog were not very interested in my articles. I learned some valuable lessons.  Experience is truly the best teacher!

Guest posting is good and I highly recommend that you write guest posts. But sometimes it can be a waste of your time, especially when you are posting articles on blogs that are not closely related to your niche. Your time is valuable and don’t waste it!

What is your take on guest posting?

Blog your best!

Image credit:  Maria Reyes-McDavis

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