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To everything… Turn Turn Turn…

Posted Jan 13 2012 8:13am

When I hear that someone is pregnant, I get very excited for them. I remember people telling me all the horror stories about having kids… the lack of sleep, lack of personal time, etc… so I always want to make sure that I tell them a positive truth (well, my truth at least) that being a parent is the most freaking awesome thing in the world.

Photo Jan 12, 6 46 14 PM

Is it challenging? Absolutely. But totally, undeniably worth it.

Photo Jan 12, 6 46 18 PM

However, being a mom means that I must go about things a little differently than I did before being a mom. And you know who understands that best? Other moms.

mommy mafia

Yesterday, after a few diaper changes and feedings, the mommy mofia ( Susan , Cindi , Jen , Jenny and I) rolled into Birkdale Village.

Oh yes, that’s right, I finally got to meet sweet Wyatt. He’s a doll!

Jen and Wyatt

Lucky for us, the folks at eeZ Fusion and Sushi were more than accommodating to our group.

mommy mafia 2

And the sushi hit the spot! (Brown rice rainbow roll)

eeZ sushi birkdale rainbow roll

It’s nice hanging out with other moms because you have the same thoughts… how to eat one handed while holding a pacifier in a baby’s mouth with the other, when to request checks because you need to nurse within 20 minutes or risk a melt down, which restaurant to choose based on whether they have a changing table in the bathroom or not… we get each other.

I’ve found it incredibly vital to have this kind of support because I also have some fabulous friends that don’t have children and it’s hard to explain (not that they ask me to) why I can’t do everything I used to.

One of my best friends just got engaged (shout out to you, Hewee!


…. wait a second, she doesn’t actually read the blog… haha) and is going to look at wedding dresses this weekend in Atlanta. We’ve been BFFs since 7th grade and the thought of not being there while she tries on dresses makes me sad. I’ve thought about it every which way, and I just can’t make it work. I can’t take Hailey on a 4 hour drive, then to a bridal shop and a girls lunch and expect her to not get cranky and then drive 4 hours back home.  Plus, I’d probably be too stressed about whether or not Hailey would bust out screaming in a fancy bridal shop to enjoy the experience. Packing up everything she needs for a day and making sure I’m somewhere I can nurse her every 3 hours doesn’t make things any easier, either.

As I get older I’m learning that you can’t plan your life according to others. You have to get married, have kids, accept jobs, move cities when it works best for you. It isn’t selfish- it’s life. Maybe I can’t be there for trying on dresses, but I’ll sure as heck find a way to be go down to visit and celebrate the bride-to-be during this exciting time because they people you care about most are worth the extra effort, even if the timing is a it different than you would have hoped.

And the people you really care about? They’ll understand. But it also helps to spend time with others in your same situation to help ease the guilt. And that’s why I love mommy play dates Smile

Have you ever had to miss something special to you because of an uncontrollable life event?

Did your friend or family member understand?

I feel blessed that Kristin completely understands. And that’s why I love her.

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