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To chew or not to chew? Are che ...

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:41pm

To chew or not to chew? Are chewable vitamins better for us than pills, tablets or capsules?

Personally I feel more comfortable staying with the chewable vitamins and calcium because I know 100% sure that the pill is broken up and mixed with saliva (digestive enzymes) before it even hits the pouch.

If you swallow a whole pill it first has to dissolve in the pouch -- or if you take it with water, it's probably washed straight through to the intestines. How long does it take that pill to dissolve? Even if it's less than 30 minutes, how far down the digestive tract has that pill traveled and will it stay in my body long enough to release all it's nutrients before it hits the large intestine where very little absorption takes place?

I don't know any of those things for sure and haven't been able to find any scientific evidence of one being better than another for WLS folks. But my logical brain tells me that chewables are best for me and my peace of mind.

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