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To blonde or not to blonde

Posted Jan 29 2010 11:16pm

Thank goodness it is Friday. 



Nutella sammy, raw peanuts and three medjool dates.

Lunch was leftover tuna casserole.  Once again, the day after tasted better to me.  I love that!


Mid-afternoon I had some Weetabix cereal for a snack.  Eaten directly out of the box, sans picture :(

Good mid-afternoon gym trip, where I did 40 min on the elliptical and read the latest Shape magazine.  Katharine McPhee is on the cover… anybody else read that one?  Anyhow, she has gone blonde.  I think that she looks great.  I have been considering going blonde for a while now (I even had a few failed attempts in the last year…)


I think another attempt might be in order?  One thing that I have always been concerned about is the fact that I have pretty dark eyebrows.  So I didn’t know if it would look funny if I had blonde hair…  I think that sometimes it can look trashy if you have dark eyebrows and blonde hair.  But it looks fine on Katharine, and it gave me hope that maybe it would look ok on me…

After visiting Jim, I made a trip to Tar-jay, where I got a fair number of goodies including these:


The ingredients list is pretty good…. with the exception of that damn yogurt drizzle coating.  Why do they go and put that hydrogenated corn syrup crap on there and ruin a good thing?

I polished one off in the car on the way home, because I was starving, and one more when I got home.


I also picked up some grapes on sale.  They were really crunchy, which is exactly how I like them!  I got a huge container (2.5 pounds) so will be eating grapes a lot for the next day or two (S doesn’t like them that much.)


Dinner was an improvised hodge-podge.  Broccoli, spinach and roasted pork mixed with half a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup.  With baby carrots and flax seed crackers on the side.


Dessert was some chocolate and ice cream sammy.  No pick.

You are the weakest link.  Good bye.

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