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Tis the season - fall chaos and immune system overload

Posted Sep 29 2009 2:52pm

We’re full swing into fall at my house, and that means big-time schedule frenzy. My high school kids are in every activity possible, and during the week, don’t get home until 9 or 10 at night, then begin homework. They just finished ACTs, my wife is studying for her next professional designation in financial planning, plus she has to recruit 50 to 200 parent volunteers each week for high school marching band support. We had to celebrate 4 family fall birthdays on one day because availability is next to nil for everyone to get together. Nearly all Friday and Saturdays are filled with music competitions. You get the picture.

I know I’m not a special case. Tons of others out there have schedules even more frenetic. But you can see that this time of year can send stress levels through the roof.

And that impacts the human immune system at the cell level. And as a recent study shows, stress can pull immune response in two opposite directions; over-reacting killer cells, and under-reacting suppressive cells. I truly think my supplementation is making a difference in helping balance that otherwise discombobulated immune function. If I got a couple more hours sleep at night (for some reason, I can’t hit the sack until the Daily Show and the first half of Conan O’Brien are over), I’m sure my immune function would be even better.  More fruits and vegetables, and less ice cream and Boulevard Pale Ale beer would help too.

The instruction on the video below is useful as well. Enjoy. Or at least, chill out.



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