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Tips to Tap Into Your Curiosity (It Won’t Kill You. No Guarantees About the Cat)

Posted Aug 18 2011 6:53pm

I love the word curious.  It makes me think of crazy cats.  Mad professors.  And people that aren’t afraid to find out what happens if you drink a blue fizzy drink too quick. 

Tapping into your curiosity can open you up to trying new things and a raft of experiences you may never get if you tread the same old paths over and over again.  Here are 8 of my best tips to tap into your curiosity.  Use them to find out what’s around the corner of your life or simply get ‘unstuck’ or out of a routine or way of thinking and living that is no longer delivering juicy results to you.

1. Eat new and different foods.  A different tingle on the tastebuds can elicit new feelings and experiences not just with your taste but with your smell too.  It can make you interested in exploring other cultures, countries and cuisines as well.  You can be a citizen of the world from your home or local restaurant!

2. Ask questions.  Not nosey, busy body type questions but questions that help you learn more.  Dig deeper.  Feel stronger.  More alive.  And don’t just ask… Read the rest

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