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Tips to Success Working From Home

Posted Mar 14 2013 11:32am

Tips to Success Working From Home

by Alyssa on March 14, 2013

Since my recent career change , I obviously gained the ability to work from home full-time and rely 100% on myself to get things done. It’s a BIG shift! It’s now been a week of working from home, and I’ve noticed a few things that definitely encourage more productivity.

59e7d75e8bdc11e286b922000a9f14cd 7 Tips to Success Working From Home

1. Dedicated Workspace

This is SUPER important! I can easily sit in my bed and “work” all day, but not much will be accomplished. After working in my dining room all day, I realized I got probably triple of what I planned to get done that day – ALL BY NOON. Great feeling!

2. Daily “to-do” List Planned Ahead

I have always been a person that loves lists. Nothing motivates you more for the day than looking at a list telling you where to begin for the day. icon smile Tips to Success Working From Home

3. Morning Workout

Sometimes when you work from home, it’s difficult to get in the mindset to really work for the day. Instead of dragging your feet to be productive, it always helps me to wake up and focus throughout the day by doing a morning workout. It can even be a quick walk or something just to get your blood flowing!

4. NO TV!

This is a big no-no! I have definitely done it, and I get barely anything done. One of the major struggles of working at home.

Obviously there are MANY more perks to working from home, but there are some downfalls. Hopefully these tips helped a tiny bit if you are currently working from home or looking into the idea. icon smile Tips to Success Working From Home

Have any additional tips for working from home? Share in the comments!

pixel Tips to Success Working From Home
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