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Tips to Ensure Smoother and Quicker Recovery after Nose Surgery

Posted Jan 08 2014 6:57am
Rhinoplasty and septoplasty are among the most popular plastic surgery procedures. Men and women opt to have these procedures to achieve an more aesthetically pleasing nasal appearance and also to improve breathing function. Plastic surgeons use advanced techniques and technologies to provide their patients customized results. However, one of the issues prospective candidates worry about is recovery and downtime. A little caution can go a long way in ensuring smooth and quick recovery after nose surgery. Here are some tips to help:

  • Avoid heavy blowing of the nose during the recovery period as this is likely to affect the healing process

  • During the first few days, stick to mild food that doesn’t require heavy chewing

  • Try to restrict activities which can disturb the nose such as laughing hard and avoid aggressive brushing of the teeth during the first two days

  • It is not advisable to exercise vigorously for at least two weeks post surgery. Exercise lightly at first and gradually increase the pace over the time

  • It will be good if you can stay away from swimming, especially diving for two weeks

  • Don't rest glasses on your nose as this will stressing the area

  • Exposure of your operated nose skin to sunlight might result in discoloration  If you go out during the day, apply sunscreen lotion or cream
  • Avoid smoking to ensure quick recovery from nose surgery

A reliable plastic surgeon will provide each patient with specific instructions to follow after nose surgery. Going by these instructions will ensure a safe and quicker recovery and return to normal routine.
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