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Tips on how to lower blood sugar

Posted Feb 08 2013 3:01pm

The blood glucose level (blood sugar concentration) is the quantity of sugar in the bloodstream, and often people with diabetes or other conditions ask themselves how to lower blood sugar levels to normal ones.  Having either low or high blood sugar can be harmful to the body and the health. Glucose (blood sugar) and is the primary source of fuel for the cells in the human body, as well as for the brain. A lowered blood sugar level can cause the person to feel tired, hungry, dizzy, sick, confused and even angry, because the cells will start experiencing glucose depletion and will begin sending signals to the brain to react physically.  The lack of enough of the hormone insulin, which is responsible for “transporting” the glucose throughout the body, leads to rising blood sugar levels as a result of cellular glucose depletion. When the cells are hungry for glucose, the person also becomes hungry and craving for something sweet.  High glucose levels lead to frequent urination and constant thirst. Insulin Malfunction can lead the brain to “shut down” and the person will fall into a coma.

Why it is important to know how to lower blood sugar levels

It is important to monitor and control glucose levels, and one way to do it is by eating certain foods and avoiding others.  The thing with diabetes or people prone to developing diabetes is that in many cases it is difficult to find the right balance between the food intake and the medicine intake, which leads to blood sugar level deviations, constant hunger, weight gain, and other complications.

People with diabetes or prone to diabetes need to know what their normal blood sugar levels should be, in order for them to stay safe and avoid complications.   This is why the blood glucose levels should be monitored at all times.   There are some great tips for lowering blood sugar naturally.

Probably the most important tip for lowering blood sugar is exercising and losing weight.  In many cases people with diabetes are overweight, so that extra weight should be lost through a proper diet. Exercise is also important, because by exercising the body naturally lowers the blood sugar levels, and this usually happens immediately after exercising, so the effect is instantaneous. If your blood sugar levels are too high though, exercising too intensively can be dangerous.  The best types of exercise for lowering blood sugar levels and helping to reverse insulin resistance found in people with diabetes are: walking, home exercise, cardio or strength training.

Another tip for lowering blood sugar is drinking green, black or white tea – no sugar added of course.  It is a fact that green, black and white tea will lower blood sugar levels to up to 30 points.  Taking Vitamin supplements for diabetics can also help lower blood sugar levels. Cinnamon is also known to naturally lower blood sugar levels as well as high blood pressure, so take a couple of teaspoons of it daily and look for the results.

Other foods, which are known to help lower blood sugar levels include: avocados and nuts, garlic and onion, as well as vinegar.

When eating healthy in order to lower blood sugar levels, you should cut down the intake of sugar, sweets and sugary drinks, such as soda and fruit juice.  You should drink a lot of water to help dilute the blood and reduce blood sugar levels.

Watch how your blood sugar is affected by different carbs, and limit the intake of those, which lead to blood sugar spikes, in any case it is recommended that you limit the intake of white bread, white rice and pasta, and replace them with wholegrain products and brown rice, which will also lead to lowering the cholesterol levels, and losing some of that weight, which bothers many people suffering from diabetes. A good idea is to choose carbohydrate foods with a lower glycemic index. Try increasing the intake of fiber containing foods, which will not only will improve blood sugar levels, but also will help you lower blood pressure, bad cholesterol and lose the extra weight as well and improve the overall metabolism of the body. Fibers are found in fruits and vegetables.

Eat smaller meals but eat them every 2 to 4 hours, in order to keep blood sugar levels in control, and avoid any spikes.  Don’t skip meals, and especially breakfast.

Monitor your blood sugar levels to find the best answer to how to lower blood sugar levels

Of course, when asking yourself how to lower blood sugar levels, you should regularly monitor your blood sugar levels, and watch for any correlations between activities and foods, the prescribed medications you take and how all affect your blood sugar.  This information is crucial for your control of blood sugar as well as for finding the best solutions to your health problems when going to the doctor to discuss how to lower blood sugar levels and stay healthy.

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