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Tips on how to Address the Sleepy Situation in Spring

Posted Apr 03 2013 3:05am

Core Tip: At March in every year, getting up become the toughest period in the morning. I think many people are struggling to get up or not. What can we do I we cannot get up early in the spring? Here are some methods to help you to unravel the problems.

People could remedy the sleep problems through stimulating the organs.

Visual stimulation: when you feel tired and want to sleep, you should walk outside, looking up the blue sky and green trees Grass;

Olfactory stimulation: when you are sleepy, you can smell the cool oil and toilet water, they have the good effects to eliminate sleepy.

Auditory stimulation: you can select some exciting music, and also can sing and dance along with the main theme of the music.

Sensory stimulation: using the moderate cold water to irritate the skin or cold water to wash face, it could increase the excitement of the nervous system of the body, so as to achieve the purpose of digestion sleepy. At this time, chewing mint may play a role.

When you are sleepy, you can move your limbs, which can sparse tendons and blood circulation, Tom Lee joints, and excited brain. Maybe stretching can resolve the problems, because the stretching can make the full movement to chest and lung, which can make more oxygen supply to various tissues and organs.

Meanwhile, due to the activities of the upper extremity and upper body, which can supply more oxygenated blood to the brain to let people feel awake and comfortable (cerebral oxygen consumption accounts for 1/4 of the whole body oxygen consumption suddenly. Fresh air contains more anion content to supply the negative charge of the cell role in human nerve endings receptors, regulate the central  meizitang diet pills  nervous system, improving the function of the cerebral cortex.

Drinking a cup of tea or coffee or eating chocolate can play a certain role. For the people who drink the water less, the effect is better. Collective acidic is easy to grow weary, so people should drink more water to adjust the pH of the blood. Exercise and rest often combined in favor of lifting sleepy.


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