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Posted Sep 27 2011 7:28pm
Picture No, this is obviously not me (the blonde hair) but I would be this excited about all those workout pants!
This is definatley a Non-Blog blog and I will tell you why.  I don't just get here and spout out all sorts of blogging stuff to you all.  I have been following lots of fit bloggers lately and I'm not sure where they find the time and energy to post several times a week AND some 2 - 3 times a day!  I'm not sure anyone wants to hear all that much from me, that I have that much to say and that you have that much time to read it all!  So, I try to chat when there's something on my mind, a question I have had or something has come up in a class or an area I have researched.  It's been pretty quiet this week, as you can tell.  

On Monday I was thinking of motivation, which lead me to think about all of the "fit friends" I have and what they do so keep it fresh, tips they follow and what they do to stay fit (other than work their booties off!).  I came across  an article that supports something I do ALL the time (that I always think of as bad) as a habit of fit people.  It's really easy and for all of  you who know me and see me daily can attest - I really do this! (Nevermind that I really DO have "real" clothes in my closet!  Maybe I just want to save them for later. . . 


If you want to establish good habits and really want to be a fit person it all starts with one easy step:  Getting dressed in your workout clothes!  This works for me EVERY day - and especially on those days I'm just not too motivated to really work out.  I know if I put the clothes on at some point during the day they will be put to use.  It is much easier to do your "high kicks" in the kitchen, or work on new exercise moves in front of your family if you are in appropriate exercise clothes.   

I did read that some people actually sleep in their workout clothes.  I don't really practice this one, but I tell you, if I were planning on an early morning run, especially in the dark winter, you bet I'd get to bed in  my workout clothes!  So, if you are an early morning exerciser and the act of actually dressing that early is derailing your exercise, then this tip might just salvage your workout. 

Sometimes life does get in the way and your normal workout routine just cannot happen.  Last week I had jury duty.  I SAT on my bottom from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm when I was gloriously released from duty.  When I got home I was more tired than I would have been had I lead THREE classes in a row!  It would have been so easy to just plop on the couch and continue sitting!  But, I couldn't wait to change into comfortable clothes and once changed I found that a little yoga would really help stretch out all the kinks from so much sitting.  Therefore, by just changing clothes I was motivated to move around and think about my body.  So, even on those days when it's not easy to find the perfect time to work out, when you have the best of intentions but get distracted with carpools, meetings, planning dinner, returning emails, and life in general, try putting on your workout clothes.  I promise it truly helps keep your body and your workout on your mind.  It's an easy first step.For  me, the problem is making myself change into "real" clothes. . . It's pretty bad when I actually DO change and my family asks me if I'm going out somewhere.  I will try to work on that one.

What tips do you have?
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