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Tips For Running In The Rain

Posted Jan 05 2011 5:28pm

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I am going to be completely honest here…

When it comes to running in the rain, I am a big ol’ pansy.

When it comes to running in the COLD rain, I am an even bigger pansy.

To me, there is nothing worse than waking up and hearing the rain pattering at my window. The second I hear it, I normally let out a huge groan and it is a signal for me to head to the gym.

Call me a girl, but I hate being wet, muddy, dirty, or anything else that involves me not being clean. Yes, I am a clean freak.

Do you like running the rain?

I’m no expert (because I normally retreat to the treadmill), but I have had my fair share of wet encounters over the years. Here are my tips:

1. Dress in Layers

If it is cold outside, dressing in layers is ESSENTIAL. Normally, my first layer is a technical layer to wick away the sweat, such as something made with polypropylene. My outer layer always consists of a jacket that is wind and water resistant. My favorite one is this one from Brooks .

2. Dress Warm, But Don’t Overdress

This is a big one.

A lot of runners think that the more layers they have, the dryer they are going to stay. Trust me, this is 100% false.

If you are overdressed, you are just going to be wearing wet clothes that you do not need, which is going to weigh you down and keep you miserable. Wear just enough to stay warm and comfortable.

3. Wear Bright Colors

When there is rain, there is clouds. When it is cloudy, sometimes it is hard for cars to see you.

Wear bright colors or a reflector to keep yourself visible.

4. Wear A Garbage Bag

This might sound crazy, but if you are waiting at the start line for a race to begin, wear a garbage bag. Cut some holes in it for your arms and you will stay nice and dry.

5. Body Glide

If you are doing a longer run, something like body glide is going to be your best friend. If done multiple long runs in the rain with it, but I paid for it. Trust me on this one.

6. Protect Your Electronics

If you are taking something like an iPod with you, make sure that it is covered in something water proof. Last year, I was caught in a nasty thunderstorm during a long run. I made it home in one piece on working order, but my iPod did not. RIP.

Do you have any tips for running in the rain?


When I woke up this morning, guess what?

Not only was it raining, but it was also on the cold side. Yuck!

I was all primed and set to go to the gym, but at the last second, I decided to suck it up and run in the rain. Hey, I am living dangerously ;)

After layering up and heading out, I actually had the best run I have had all week!

Wednesday Workout

Running: 7.23 miles

Cycling: 45 minutes

I am so glad that I decided to run outside instead of running at the gym. I actually ended up at the gym to cool down on the spin bike, but at least I saved myself from running on the treadmill for an hour.

Sometimes, the toughest things in life are the most rewarding. Actually, most of the time they are ;)

Like Nike says, JUST DO IT.

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