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Tips for Maintaining an HP Pavilion DV4 Battery

Posted May 10 2013 10:08am

Laptop batteries do not last a lifetime. However, if you want your  HP Pavilion DV4 battery  to power your laptop optimally for longer, you should do three key things; first, you should optimize your usage habits. You should also clean your battery often and store it whenever you are not using it. This article highlights the foregoing three maintenance tips in detail.


To maintain an HP DV4 battery for optimal performance, the first thing you should do is to optimize your usage habits. This is threefold. First, contrary to what many HP enthusiasts preach, make sure that you exercise your laptop battery often. Keeping your battery in an inactive state will not prolong its life in any way. In fact, this behavior will hasten damaging chemical reactions (oxidation, hydrogen hydrolysis, and reduction) in your HP Pavilion DV4 battery replacement and degrade its capacity rapidly. Even if you have a desktop computer that you prefer for any particular reason, boot your laptop at least once every week and let its battery run down. This activates its chemical components and keeps it in excellent state.


Next, when you are charging your computer, it is imperative that you use an original  HP Pavilion DV4 adapter. In today's society where people want to do everything by the minute, they opt for fast laptop chargers that are making the rounds over the Internet. Although such accessories get the job done and in a short amount of time for that matter, they cause more harm than many HP enthusiasts anticipate. By channeling a higher amount of charge to a battery, these adapters degrade the battery and can cause explosions and fire hazards. Finally, you should practice proper charge and discharge habits. Discharge your HP DV4 battery replacement to zero capacity at most once a month when recalibrating it. Frequent discharges to zero level stress batteries and heighten capacity loss with every charge cycle.


You should clean your  HP DV4 battery replacement  often, if you want it to last longer. While this might sound funny, many people have enjoyed months of battery life, and even prevented major calamities by cleaning the batteries often. Do the following to increase your chances of success: first, to clean your battery, you have to remove it from your laptop. Slide the latch that holds your HP Pavilion battery in place, remove it, and place it on a clean, fluff free towel. Examine it for burn, color changes, or leakages that might indicate that it is degrading. Next, dub a clean cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol, and clean the battery's contacts well. You should also dust the external surface to remove particle or grime that might cause problems in the future. Repeat the process every two weeks for perfect results.


Storage is vital, especially if you will not be using your HP laptop for an extended period. If you store your  HP battery  well, you will not only lower oxidation and other injurious chemical reactions that might take place in it, but also prolong its life. Take the following precautions for best results: first, never store your HP Pavilion DV4 battery at full or zero capacity. You will only heighten degradation. Charge your battery to around 35 to 45% capacity, before storage. Finally, store the battery in a cool and dry place. Excess heat heightens capacity loss. Freezing temperatures on the other hand, also has its share of cons. A clean cupboard or drawer in a room located away from harsh environmental element will do the trick.


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