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Tips for Healthy Summer Weight Loss – Part I

Posted Jun 16 2010 8:40am

Now that summer is here and bathing suit season is upon us, the motivation for many people to lose weight is suddenly heightened.

Here are 7 great tips from Live Science for summer weight loss, but I also want to give you some of mine. So below is the first installment of my recommendations for dropping pounds healthfully this summer season.

1. Spend more time in your bathing suit:  Aquatic exercise is not only a great way to get fit and burn calories, but hanging out in your swimsuit may make you more conscious of your body and prevent snacking on empty calories.

2. Eat cooling foods:  Ice cream aside, many cooling foods are healthful and low in calories – especially vegetables, salads, fruits and summer soups such as gazpacho.  Sip iced herbal tea for a no-calorie, hydrating beverage.

3. Have a “Slowest Eating Contest”: If you tend to wolf down your food, eat with a slower eater and try and match their pace. Remember, your brain takes 20 minutes to signal it’s full, so if you eat your meal faster than that you may not stop when you should.

4. Eat before the sun goes down:  Now that the days are longer, it’s easy to eat before dark which means there’s still time for some post-dinner exercise:  a walk, bike ride or dip in the pool.

5. Brush your teeth:  What’s good for your teeth is also good for your waistline. Brushing your teeth right after eating signals your brain that you are finished eating. If you’re not near your toothbrush, pop a piece of sugarless gum or a breathmint into your mouth for a similar effect.

I’ll be back soon with more Summer weight loss tips in my next post. Until then…

Be Well,


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