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tips for chest congestion remedies

Posted Dec 22 2012 11:42am
What Is Chest Congestion ?
Chest Congestion Disease Produced In Human Body Due To Excessive Fluid and Mucus In Lungs. Human Always Feel Tightness in Chest. Commonly Viral Infection in Human Body  Known As Chest Congestion. This Viral Disease Normally Attack In Winter Season but Also Occur In Summer Condition. Because Of This disease Large Amount Of Fluid and Mucus Produced In The Way Of Human Breathing System as a Result Breathing very Difficult and Chest Pain & severe coughing Start.
Chest Congestion Causes
Abnormal Production Of Mucus causes Chest Congestion, Because Of This Human respiratory System Which is Main organ of human breathing system is temporarily Blocked and Breathing become Very Difficult. Large Amounts Of Mucus and fluid trap the respiratory system and block the breathing way, prevent the entering of other particle in the lungs. These excessive amount of mucus and fluid produced because of viral and bacterial affect on human body.
Some Common causes of Chest Congestion
Cold Environment
Polluted Environment.
Chest Congestion Symptoms
There Are Many Symptoms Related To This Disease Some Most Common Symptoms are Chest Pain.
Chest Pain In This Human Who is suffering chest congestion feel lot of pain in his chest and his condition is out of order his talking abilities also affected, he is not able to walk properly.
Breathing Difficulty
is another major symptoms and it is most severe for patient as the mucus dramatically increased in human respiratory system the way of passing of air from human mouth and Nose to lungs is decreased and breathing become short.
Another Very Common Symptoms Coughing
Because of Extra Amount of mucus in breathing system Mucus and fluid are become the part of breathing air and produced cough and if this condition prolong then cough reached at alarming position and blood also part of cough. 
Chest Congestion Remedies Found mainly two types Medical Remedies and home remedies.If Patient Reach Its severe chest Congestion Position the Medical Remedies Most Effective other vise home remedies are most suitable.there is also some other measure which are used by choosing Which type of Chest Congestion Remedies is used depend upon the patient, some patient are allergic with medical remedies so in this situation home remedies is best. 
Chest Congestion Home Remedies
There are mainly three type of chest congestion home remedies.
 Drinking Water
Drinking Water Is One Of The Best Chest Congestion Remedies by drinking excessive amount of water mucus and fluid in the respiratory system are thrown out from the body and breathing way clear.
Yellow Vegetables and fruits
In Chest Congestion Situation large amount of yellow vegetables and fruits being used they also helpful to giving relief to patient.

Sleeping Tactics
Sleeping With Your Back Propped up direction, in this way breathing is much more easy because mucus are settle down and no more in the breathing way.
Chest Congestion medical Remedies
In Severe Chest Congestion Situation Medical Remedies are used. A Lot of Medicine available in the market which are used for chest congestion remedies such as:
So Finally These some Remedies which are used for chest congestion. Also Take Some consideration before used home remedy and medical remedy.
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