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Tips For Avoiding Sinus Infection

Posted Jan 25 2009 3:56pm

Sinus is a predicament which can be both infectious as well as non-infectious. Mostly, sinus is found to be infection creating in body. Presence of sinus infection is found in most human bodies. According to a research, sinus infection is found to be affection around 37 million people in America each year.

Sinusitis is found to be seen in body when the nasal membrane is affected through various intruders or pollutants like dryness in air or cold. The membrane gets inflamed through intruders. To clear away the accumulated bacteria from body, the cilia start slowing down its movements. Mucus, on the other hand, is mass produced in body. Improper functioning of cilia gets mucus trapped within walls of sinuses which leads to local infection.

Treatment for this infection can be done through use of antibiotic drugs. This kills the infection creating bacterium. Other agents for treatment are decongestants and steroids as well. Regular medical check-ups with the doctor can help you find the functioning of nasal membrane.
Some common symptoms that can be found for sinus infection include head aches, body fever, mucus going green, cough and sometimes even flu can be found affecting the body.

Cilia can be kept clean and best by drinking a lot of hot tea. Any type of tea can be drunk. Tea can be herbal or black tea or green tea. Drinking hot drinks and liquids can help your body hydration and can improve the movements of your cilia by washing out of mucus. Coffee should not be used as it is little effective.

Traveling or sitting in air conditioner should be avoided as it blows out dry air which creates infection. Application of wet bandages on face is also a good thing to do. Wet bandages should be soaked in little warm and little hot water and must be kept for 5 minutes on face.

Sinuses can be cleaned through use of saltwater solution used by yoga practitioners. Nose cavities are cleaned through the use of this solution by sniffing it inside & outside the nose. Hydro Pulse Nasal is a device that can be used for this. Sinus irrigator is another modern device that gently helps you clean it. Even children can use this device.

Following the above mentioned fast and simple tips and solutions can really help you improve the treatment prescribed by your doctor and this help you stay away from the incidences of infection caused due to sinus and any of its deadly complications.

So, if you find yourself or anyone in your family suffering from constant sinus infection, you know exactly what is to be done. Learn more about sinus infection treatment and sinus infection problems issues. You will find many up-to-date and useful resources to read about.

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