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Tips and methods to gain weight

Posted Jun 29 2009 6:17pm

In the present world of greasy and junk foods most of the people are suffering from the obesity and fat problems but there are also people who are facing the problem of under weight and feeling worried of being skinny.After seeing this i have decided to give my tips, methods and collection of ideas to gain weight in the form of this post to those who are really interested in gaining weight.I find some people who are in confusion to decide whether they are under weight or normal so for this i suggest you tocheck your BMI, and if you are 18.5 then you are under weight.Now lets see what are the points to be stressed upon to gain weight:Simple principle in order to gain weight is to consume more calories than spending.

Here are some nice tips and suggestions which i hope will help you:

Calorie intake should be more: In the process of consuming more calories people take junk foods and greasy foods and this is not a proper way to gain weight because they contain unhealthy saturated fats.Its better to take healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids.

HEALTHY CARBOHYDRATES INCLUDE: vegetables,fruits and whole grains.Foods with high carbohydrate content include potatoes and rice.
it will be good if you eat five balanced meals rather than three heavy meals a day.Calorie requirement depends on height , weight and metabolic rate of body.

Intake of proteins is important: GOOD PROTEIN SOURCES: fish,lean meats,legumes,nuts and seeds.Foods with high protein content include beans, pulses and peas.

Eat lot of snacks: take high calorie snacks such as dried fruits, milk shakes, yogurts, breakfast bars, cheese sticks.

:avoid junk foods.

Intake of fluids also helps: take fluids which contain nutrients and calories like energy drinks, fruit juices (fresh ones) and milk.

Don't neglect exercises: this is the common mistakes done my most people in the process of gaining weight as they eat more and take rest in order to save calories and this results in fat deposition and finally leads to loose and fatty body instead of stiff and fit body.exercises will help in increasing muscle mass and giving good shape to body so neglecting exercises is very costly mistake.

Exercise like : aerobics, jogging, and focus on free weight exercises (exercises which don't machinery)

6.Finally the most important things to be noted here is consistency,dedication and patience. These three things are very important as this program of weight gaining may take a long time (even months and years) and people get frustrated and discontinue so you must be regular and have consistent schedule in order to see good results.

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