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Tinnitus hearing loss - Sound Therapy for Tinnitus

Posted Feb 25 2011 10:46am 1 Comment
Tinnitus occurs when there is damage to the inner ear says Tinnitus treatment specialist.  Further, the “ringing” that we hear approximates to the region of the inner ear that is damaged.  If the area of the inner ear that detects high pitch sounds is damaged (for example by loud noise exposure, aging, hereditary, or toxic reasons), we hear a high pitched “ringing”.  When the damage corresponds to lower pitches, we hear a “buzz” or a “hum”.  According to Tinnitus hearing loss expert, most people with tinnitus have a high pitch ringing because the area of the inner ear that detects high frequencies is closest to the middle ear, and is therefore more susceptible to damage from infection, noise damage, aging, and general wear and tear.
There is one more important concept to understand about why tinnitus happens, and this one is the most counter-intuitive.  It has to do with how the brain interprets signals coming from the inner ear.  One would expect that when there is silence, the brain is not receiving signals from the inner ear.  This is actually not the case.  Instead, the brain receives a constant and steady source of information from all areas of the inner ear.  The way that the brain interprets sound is by picking up increases in this steady state of background activity in the hearing areas of the brain.
What happens when there is damage to the inner ear?  Well, there are two things that occur.  First, the spontaneous activity of the cells in the area in the brain that corresponds with the damaged region of the inner ear actually increases.  This area in the brain is called the “lesion projection zone”, or the LPZ.  Going back to our piano example, imagine a set of keys on the keyboard that are damaged.  If we traced the nerve impulses coming from these keys up to the brain, we would find the area the corresponds to the damaged keys to be overactive. This hyperactivity response happens fairly quickly. 
The second thing that happens after there is damage to the inner ear (hearing loss) is that the tones that border the damaged zone in the inner ear start to become over-represented in the brain says tinnitus treatment specialist.  In fact, it is becoming clear that the tone that people hear when they hear tinnitus does not correspond precisely with the damaged zone in the inner ear, but with the tones that just border the damaged zone.  These tones have been termed the “lesion edge frequencies”, and tend to correspond with the tone that people hear when they hear tinnitus.  This phenomenon occurs more steadily and over time and is called “neuroplasticity”; it is an adaptive (or maladaptive in this case) response by the brain to the lack of information coming in from the inner ear.
The technology developed by Tinnitus specialist s, allows the tinnitus sufferer to mix the therapeutic sounds that reduce the tinnitus with music. These special sounds, that are mathematically calculated, work on the parts of the brain that reduce tinnitus. These special sounds are fused with music to eliminate the annoying tinnitus sounds. 
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