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Time Savers for Rest

Posted Feb 06 2013 8:44pm

Last night as I sat down to type this post I got a rush of nausea with a headache and slight tummy ache. I thought I could muster through it, but the longer I looked at the screen the worse I started to feel so I closed my computer and called it an early night around 9:30. The upside was that I got over 8 full hours of sleep, but I still felt bad today.

I keep hearing a lot of people around me saying how they had the flu or they were really sick and now they’re better and I get jealous. It’s weird I know, but I almost wish I would get sick and get it over with rather than a few days here and there of feeling icky. My main goal is to stay hydrated and rested and my immune system will knock out anything that may be bringing(or trying to) me down.

I’m pretty sure the universe is also trying to help me save time and get in extra rest because yesterday I planned on getting stuff to make hummus for the week and there was a sale on the individual packs. LOVE a BOGO(buy one get one)!


To be honest all I was going to get was two cans of chick peas because I have everything else, but I saved time on making it and cleaning so it was totally worth the extra $3. I got an extra 30 minutes of rest out of that.

And my favorite time saver came from one of my co workers who wanted to use me as her guinea pig for a new eye lash perm. That’s right giving my eye lashes a perm.


I’m all about being her test dummy and now my lashes look like I’ve curled them with an eye lash curler and will save me an extra step in the morning! That’s at least an extra 3 minutes off my “get ready” time. She tinted them too so it looks like I have on mascara. You can’t tell in this picture but I actually look really rested so the “icky” feeling isn’t showing at least!

Now that I have all this extra time to rest I will finally be able to kick whatever this cold/exhaustion/kinda flu thing!

How do you cut corners to save time?

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