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Time Management

Posted Jan 25 2011 3:17pm
Do you ever look at someone you know and think, "How in the world does he/she do it all"? I do! My mom and my best friend, Jenny, are prime examples.

Jenny works full-time as an oncology nurse (can you say stressful?) at one hospital and is on-call for another hospital. She takes part in community activities at least twice a week and is putting her new husband through medical school. On top of all that, she still finds time to peer council, exercise three times a week and meet me for tea every Wednesday.

My mom worked two-part time jobs while my brother and I were in school. She also took care of finances for one of her friends and the local mechanic. My mom was in charge of the community youth group, made it to every school activity, cooked homemade meals every night, ran for school board, served on the fire protection district board, and one time she even got this crazy idea to organize the class schedule for the entire K-12 school I attended.

How on earth do they manage it all? Of course I asked them, because I wanted to know and I knew you would too!

Over the next three days, I will cover the role time management plays in your own health, the health of your home, and the health of your work. I will also include some tips from Jenny and my mom.



Go to sleep at the same time every day. Allow yourself a Saturday morning snooze every now and then. To find out the importance of sleep and your health, click here .


According to researchers at Central Connecticut University , multitasking may cause people to think that they are accomplishing more when in reality it is taking them more time to accomplish tasks. FOCUS! Do one thing at a time and do it right. It is better to do a few things right than to do 100 things wrong.

Take a walk

If you absolutely hate your workout routine, exercising 30 minutes a day will feel like a huge inconvenience. Exercise by doing something you like to do or exercise to clear your head. In college, I had a friend who would go on long, wandering walks. She killed two birds with one stone, she cleared her mind AND got in her daily exercise.

What is important?

Identify what is important in your life. What are three areas of your life that come above all else? Know them and meet the needs of those areas first.

What wastes your time?

For some, it’s social media; for others texting may be what is wasting the most time in your life. Do you spend way too much time on Facebook when you were supposed to be making dinner for your family?

Call, text, or e-mail

Keep track of important tasks or activities by texting or e-mailing yourself a reminder.

Know when to ask for help

You’re not a super hero, so don’t try and be one. Know who and what your resources are and know when to use them. If your lovely mother-in-law lives down the street, ask her to pick your kiddos up from work because you have to work late. Does one of your co-workers owe you a favor? Ask them to help you with a task that's causing you to struggle.

Peace of Mind Time

Schedule time to clear your mind for some peace of mind. Participants in a recent study took part in a mindfulness meditation program for eight weeks. By the end of the program, they had measurable changes in the area of the brain associated with memory and stress.
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