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Time Magazine’s John Cloud comments on my workout:

Posted Nov 28 2009 10:02pm

 Ray Salomone, Personal Trainer and Wellness Activist 

After John Cloud wrote the now famous article saying that exercise doesn’t help with weight loss, I contacted him and offered a free workout. Here’s his thoughts after an hour in Central Park with me.

 Ray Salomone’s workout was by far the most intense workout of my life. At some point I stopped being able to think clearly, but I know we did lots of pushups in the dirt. By the end, I looked like a high-school football player who needed to puke. But some of the skills I learned in that one workout–boxing moves, doing most sets to voluntary exhaustion, focusing on total-body exercises rather than trying to isolate particular muscles–remain part of my workouts even now. Thanks Ray! You scare me, but in a good way.       John Cloud- Time Magazine


Ray Salomone   Personal Trainer and Wellness Activist

Eat Fresh, Whole Foods. Exercise Intensely


Coming Soon to bookstores: The Greco Roman Road to Wellness

by Ray Salomone and Dr. Katina Ioannidis

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 During my vast amounts of free time, I am also a fiction writer. My first novel, PEACE BE WITH YOU, a psychological drama of addiction and redemption, was published in 2007.

I have sold over 8,000 copies on the streets of NYC.This is the Amazon link:

My next novel, CITY WIDE, will be finished soon.


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