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Time for my Son’s Check-Ups

Posted Aug 25 2010 5:31pm
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Yesterday my son did two check-ups, dentist and vision. I was able both appointments for the same day and one after the other.

We only notice that my son had vision problems when he started first grade at the age of 6. His teacher called me and told me he had some difficulty in reading what was on the blackboard. I was quite surprised because he never showed any signs or complains however the doctor, at the time, told me that it was perfectly normal once the children get used to what they see and think that it’s the normal image. Fortunately it’s nothing serious. He has Astigmatism and Hyperopia but no myopia.

Once the school is about to start I scheduled an appointment to see how his vision is. It is pretty much the same as last year, however new lenses are going to be made because the ones he has are completely damaged with scratches and blurry lenses.

My son asked if he could use Contact lenses but the answer was yes and no. Meaning, he can use lenses but only after he is fourteen years old not now. He really looks handsome without glasses but for now he has to use them.

Dentist appointment was great. A new and young doctor treated my son’s tooth and next week he will be doing a complete teeth cleaning.  For free!! since we were given a dentist check from child health care.

I love free stuff, it help us to have a better life!!

Do you and your kids make regular check-ups?

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