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Time For A New Path?

Posted Aug 12 2011 7:46am

I’ve been thinking about my blog for the last couple of days. I started it three months ago with the intention of documenting my eating, health and fitness, but it has turned into “This is what I had for breakfast, this is what I had for lunch, this is what I did for exercise today…..” and it is boring me!

My life is definitely changing right now, with the medical issues that I am having. However, I don’t want this to turn into a cancer blog.

I am passionate about a number of issues, and I am thinking of exploring those in more detail in the blog. Most have to do with health and food.

Due to my kidney problems I am also revamping the way I eat, and cutting out more and more animal products from my diet. I am starting to read more blogs that deal with vegetarian and vegan diets. A vegetarian diet can still be full of animal products, and a vegan diet is very difficult to adhere to 100%. Vegans tend to extremely passionate about their lifestyle, and I would never claim to be a vegan – I eat honey, I try to avoid buying leather, but sometimes I do.

There is no such thing as being a quasi-vegan.

But I might start writing more about how to cut animal products out of one’s diet, and what to eat instead. I hate fake meat and fake cheese! I was looking for diet plans that didn’t include animal products and I found this one:

Breakfast: Steel-cut oatmeal, sliced bananas, walnuts, rice milk
Lunch: Whole grain pasta with veggie sausages, sun-dried tomatoes, broccoli; salad
Dinner: Seitan Parmesan with tomato sauce, green beans, mashed potatoes

Breakfast: Bagel with Earth Balance butter
Lunch: Sandwich with vegan cold cuts, nondairy cheese, avocado, pickles; tomato soup
Dinner: Tacos with “meat” crumbles, nondairy cheese, guacamole; salad

Breakfast: Bagel with almond or peanut butter
Lunch: Split pea soup with tempeh bacon, (nondairy) cheesy toast; salad
Dinner: Stuffed butternut or acorn squash with tofu; sautéed collard greens

Breakfast: Frozen waffles with Earth Balance butter, maple syrup
Lunch: Black bean and soy cheese quesadilla with guacamole; salad
Dinner: Pan-seared Gardein fillet with shiitake mushroom sauce; mashed potatoes and braised brussels sprouts

Breakfast: Brown rice (I make several days’ worth at a time), chopped dates, almonds, nondairy milk poured over
Lunch: Cabbage, thyme and meatless ground beef soup; 7-grain garlic bread
Dinner: Coconut curry tofu with whole grain wild rice and green beans

Breakfast: Brown rice with blueberries and almonds; hemp milk
Lunch: Smoked paprika pinto beans with quinoa and sautéed kale
Dinner: Charred seitan skewers, wheat berries; chili broccoli

Breakfast: Whole grain pancakes and blueberries;tempeh bacon
Lunch: Chili with pinto beans, tomatoes, peppers, and onions, soy sour cream; salad
Dinner: Seitan Parmesan (seitan fillets with melted nondairy cheese, tomato sauce), collard greens, mashed potatoes

Practically every meal in this menu includes some kind of fake food. I currently try not to eat processed food, and I certainly don’t want to switch to a diet that includes more processed food just for the sake of cutting out animal products!

So, I might be experimenting with new things to write about on the blog. My day to day life isn’t very exciting, so blogging about that wouldn’t make anybody very happy.

In the meantime, my current passion is my hatred of insurance companies. I was supposed to have an MRI yesterday, my surgeon ordered it because he wants to get a better view of the major artery and vein that lead to my kidney, and how close my tumor is to them. He knows he might have to make a last minute decision as to whether or not he must remove the entire kidney, but if he can decide beforehand it would be to my advantage, and his. However, my insurance company is not approving the MRI. They asked the surgeon’s office to send them more information, which they did. Now the insurance company wants to talk to my doctor directly. He is a surgeon – he is in surgery most of the time, or with patients. I’m sure he doesn’t have time to call insurance companies all day!

I could go on and on about the insurance/health care issue, and I might! But for now, I think that is enough.

We are leaving for the beach tonight, and maybe I’ll do some writing and exploring over the weekend. Have a great Friday everyone!

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