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Thrush Symptoms in Babies & Adults

Posted Dec 02 2010 4:48am

Thrush caused prevalently by the yeast Candida albicans is usually found in miniscule quantities in the oral region & some mucous membranes. It is generally non-harmful; however hospitable circumstances trigger its uncontrollable growth thus invading adjoining tissue & becoming an infection.

Presence of several bacterial forms in the oral region usually control Candida development, but at times, a novel bacterial form gains entry in the mouth which disturbs the equilibrium of the beings existing thus permitting over-growth of Candida. Presence of some health condition or factor might also lead to thrush growth.

A compromised immune system augments risk of developing thrush. For instance, babies have greater susceptibility to developing thrush due to incomplete development of their immune systems. It is a widespread condition arising typically in the initial month following birth of the infant. Older age adults also have a greater likelihood of developing thrush due to a weakened immune system. In ninety percent of the cases those with HIV infection or AIDS would suffer from thrush symptoms. Even diabetics with improperly managed glucose levels are sitting ducks for developing thrush. Dry mouth, gestational period, improper dental care, those using false teeth or intake of antibiotics or inhalant corticosteroids use might be causal to thrush.

Thrush Symptoms

It could be mild-ranging infectivity wherein the person is asymptomatic. But when thrush symptoms do start developing then here’s a listing of what to expect.

Among Babies
    Whitish patch formations in their mouths & tongues resembling milk-curd or cottage-cheese. Many people erroneous consider thrush to be depositions of formula-feeds or milk. Such patch formations adhere to the tongue and inner areas of the mouth & hard in wiping off. On rubbing them, the patch would start bleeding. Soreness in tongue & oral cavity & problems trying to swallow. Pitiable craving for food. Infants might decline eating that could be misjudged to not feeling hungry or pitiable milk flow. In case the baby is incapable of eating due to oral or throat soreness then he/she might start showing fussiness. Diaper rashes arising due to Candida even being present in the infant’s faeces.
Among Adults
    A burning sensation in the gullet & mouth (during the onset of the infection). Whitish patch formations which remain stuck on the tongue & oral cavity. Tissues situated adjoining to the patch might show reddishness, rawness and be agonizing. On rubbing when tooth-brushing, for instance, the patch & oral tissues might start bleeding without much instigation. An appalling after-taste in the mouth or problems faced when trying to taste food. A number of adults state that they sense a cottony feel in the mouth.

Mothers who breastfeed their infants might also develop yeast infection in the nipple area in case their infants are having thrush. These moms as a result develop soreness and reddishness in their nipples. She might even develop acute stinging pains in the nipple area at the time or post nursing. However her infant might be asymptomatic.

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